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HOROCD is a portmanteau blending horology and OCD, describing a play on the quirks that watch collectors has. HOROCD’s seeks to enable horophiles to maintain their watches safely, and grow the value of all timepieces over time.

HOROCD (pronounced horo-c-d) is a portmanteau blending horology and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), describing a play on the quirks that watch collectors (fondly known as horophiles) are predisposed to in collecting, caring for and keeping timepieces in pristine condition. There’s no feeling more satisfying than having our watches just as shiny as the day we got it.

Gregg Lewis, the founder and the brains behind HOROCD, is a prolific watch collector who has always been on constant lookout for more effective ways to shine & protect his prized timepieces – without any drawbacks that can be caused by other cleaning methods.

“We spend time and effort to polish our shoes, clean our cars and iron our clothes but neglect proper care and regular maintenance for our watches even when they can sometimes be more costly than some of those other possessions” said Gregg.

Especially with regular use, our watches accumulate pollutants, dust, perspiration, grime, oils, lotions, soaps, fragrances, and other organic material. All of these things build up on the surface forming a film that can damage watches by corrosion or oxidisation and need to be removed to keep it clean and shiny, especially in hard to reach areas like near the lugs, caseback grooves and between bracelet links. Contrary to popular belief, conventional cleaning or polishing is counterproductive, especially at the premium or haute horology segments, which reverses the effect and often times result in diminished value.

Largely because polishing tends to remove layers of metal to even out and remove scratches and may ultimately change the shape of the case, ever so slightly. Cleaning solutions can cause micro-scratches and certain solvents deteriorate gaskets that affect water resistance. Without pointing out the obvious, dress watches with low water resistance also cannot be washed or submerged in warm soapy baths that many often resort to.

We don’t advocate ultrasonic cleaners even for watches marked as divers with high water resistance ratings, as there is a risk that cavitation can push micro bubbles past the seals and undermine the water resistance as well as vibrations disrupting the frequency of balance springs.

All of these factors led to the birth of HOROCD. After much trial and error (and unfortunate lab-watches used in ‘clinical trials’), we arrived at the ideal composition that enables our watches to retain shine and light reflective value over time as well as being safe regardless of water resistance rating or watch case, bracelet and crystal material.

In our process, we looked at a number of different metrics to ascertain the ideal balanced solution. Some of which were material type, refractive index, light reflective value and understanding of factors differentiating shine and gloss. HOROCD is tested safe and effective on stainless steel, platinum, golds, titanium, ceramic, forged carbon, sapphire crystal, mineral crystal and even acrylic crystal.

HOROCD’s goal is to enable horophiles like us to further their appreciation of horology and maintain watches safely, and hopefully help grow the value of all timepieces over time.

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