The Money Mix Editors Explore Their Top Options for Passive Income in 2019

Passive income comes in many forms, but some work better than others. In his most recent article for The Money Mix, Michael Dinich explores the top ways to generate passive income in 2019 and how they can work for consumers.

In an economy where many individuals feel as if they need to work multiple jobs in order to get by, passive income is becoming a very appealing and helpful consideration for many. But, finding the best passive income investments is not always an easy task.

Now, The Money Mix - a well-known and respected personal finance site focused on helping the everyday consumer – has put together a massive list of what they have found to be the best passive income investments that are currently available.
Passive income is, in short, income that comes in without you necessarily doing anything to make it happen. Some common forms of passive income are investment real estate, high interest savings accounts, and dividend stocks, all of which are mentioned in the article.

Written by Michael Dinich, contributor to The Money Mix, this article helps to simplify the world of passive income. It also helps consumers to learn how they can focus on particular areas of passive income in order to help you to make more money and feel more confident in your overall income.

The article doesn’t only explore completely passive options, but also semi-passive options. For example, renting out a room to a college student, or utilizing Airbnb to put additional real estate that you own to work. Another option is residual income – some of which fall under the Multi-Level Marketing model; others related to product sales, royalties, patents, and such. In short, both of these categories require you to have initial effort. But, once you put the work in, you’re able to reap the benefits in the form of more passive income.

According to Dinich, “generating truly passive income requires creativity and some initial work to set things up. If you’re someone who is already super busy, that’s even more true for you. But if you can take the time to learn whatever it is you think you’d be good at you can make some extra money.”

While Dinich emphasizes that you’ll need to take a bit of time to get everything in order for your success, he also talks about how it really can make a difference. Even if you’re only getting a little extra income on the side so that you can enjoy your hobbies, it’s still going to make a difference in your overall budget.

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