The Mind Architect Paz Gohil Goes International Thanks To The Power Of The Internet

Paz Gohil, known to his growing following as the Mind Architect, has made his services available internationally through online video conferencing and an informative new e- course.

Clarity is an easily forgotten word, and it’s also a broad generalization for something that is powerful and effective in the right hands. All too often, people dismiss clarity as simple optimism, but applied clarity is far more than that, both creating the basis and the drive to achieve great things. Paz Gohil, known as The Mind Architect, has specialized in helping people achieve a more comprehensive mental framework designed to generate success, inner congruency and an authentic clarity of self understanding, and is now making his coaching services available internationally through the power of the internet.

Initially serving only high end clients in the UK, Paz Gohil has now made his approach available to a much broader range of people thanks to a new e-course, which can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. He is also offering skype consultations to coach individuals who wish to make huge strides and transformations in their lives.

The base of Paz’s coaching is about remodeling of the mental frameworks through which people see the world, identifying toxic belief patterns and structures that sabotage success and replacing them with superior, enabling mechanisms that unleash potential and help people identify the means and resources to achieve.

A spokesperson for The Mind Architect explained, “Paz Gohil has been making waves in the UK with his transformative mind coaching approach. Neither therapy nor life-coaching, Paz’s mind coaching approach gives people the power to redefine their world and themselves through the power of clarity and changed perspectives, taking control of how they see things to better deal with them, whether it be anxieties around their personal life or fear of starting up a business venture, or simply looking to further optimize already successful behaviors and ideas. His coaching enables people to transform their own fortunes by transforming themselves. People understand that to make your body stronger you need to exercise it and use specialist coaching and Paz’s coaching achieves both of these for the mind. With skype video conferencing now available, we expect Paz to make a big splash in America.”

About The Mind Architect:
The Mind Architect is a new site showcasing the very latest mind training e-course, produced by leading mind coach Paz Gohil, known himself as The Mind Architect for his innovative approaches and practices. The course is designed to have transformative results on worldview and maximize the ability to proactively harness potential. Now available internationally.

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