The “Mannequin Lift”: A new and innovative surgical technique for cancer patients without the use of implants.

Mannequin Lift™ was recently trademarked by the US patent and trademark office.

The Mannequin Lift is a surgical procedure designed to provide a longer-lasting result after reshaping the breasts for cosmetic surgery or reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. The inventor, Dr. Michael Omidi a board-certified breast and plastic surgeon, believes it will also result in a more aesthetically pleasing contour because the procedure is designed to provide support to all layers of the breast tissue and not only to the skin like standard mastopexies. This procedure is currently being performed as an outpatient procedure. Breast mastopexy procedures are very common to correct the sagging of breast tissue after having a childbirth or significant weight loss. This procedure can also be helpful to those who have suffered from breast cancer. On a yearly average, around 400,000 women get breast implants. Like any surgical procedure, breast mastopexy has certain risks. Please discuss this with your physician to get more information and determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.

The Mannequin Lift is a surgical procedure that replaces the necessity of implants, The procedure is performed under general anesthesia or sedation and employs Polydioxanone sutures in a criss-cross pattern to provide strength to the breast tissue. The suture material is absorbable (dissolves spontaneously) and no permanent or mesh material is used.

Explaining the need and advantages of his invention, Dr. Omidi said: "Patients can be younger with large breasts looking for a breast reduction or patients that have breast sagging from weight loss or pregnancy. The advantages of the procedure include a better projection of the breast, a longer-lasting lift (currently being observed), and complete tightening of the deeper breast tissues compared to traditional breast lift techniques. This will provide the shape of an implant without having to use one."

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