The M. J. MILLER Law Firm Announces Release of ‘REGISTERED’, A Powerful Guide on Brand Protection with Trademarks

With this book, entrepreneurs will obtain firsthand knowledge about how to create a protectable brand. It also offers useful information on how the trademark registration process works.

Chicago, IL: A brand is a powerful thing that continues to change how the world identify and selects goods and services over time. Great brand ideas turn regular people into great people. That’s why when launching a brand, it is very important to protect it at all cost.

The M. J. MILLER Law Firm is proud to announce the release of its founder’s book titled “REGISTERED: A Guide for Protecting Your Brand, Business & Bucks with Trademarks”. Just as it indicates, the book provides very helpful information on brand protection and the steps people can take to obtain exclusive brand rights for their branded goods and services across the USA.

Through this book entrepreneurs, entertainers, influencers, creative geniuses, coaches and business owners will learn why they need to protect their intellectual property and how to go about doing it.

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The author of the book, Michelle J. Miller-Boston, is a seasoned lawyer who has decades of experience handling local, national, and international business and legal issues. Given the title "The Trademark Queen™" by Dr. Lynn Richardson, Michelle received the name for her commitment to educating and helping people deal with their trademark issues.

Her book is not a replacement for proper legal counsel rather; it offers readers useful information on how to go about dealing with trademark issues the right way. Many people who have worked with Michelle have confessed that she excels in inspiring them to make the right decisions on their business and intellectual property concerns, and her book is no exception.

The guide “REGISTERED: A Guide for Protecting Your Brand, Business & Bucks with Trademarks” is a book created for everyone who knows the importance of business branding and building multiple streams of income. It teaches so many things including the best ways to create a strong & unique protectable brand. Michelle J. Miller believes that those who want to launch a new business product or service to the world and want to protect it need to read this book for guidance.

This book teaches readers the steps to get a registered trademark in the USA. The book also provides insight for foreign-domiciled USA trademark applicants and global brand protection. It’s a powerful book that helps business owners develop a protectable brand and to create a brand protection strategy for applying for a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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