The King From Fadi Awad Leads The European Indie Charts

Fadi Awad's Electronic Music “The King” has taken the first placing in the European Indie Chart for Week 11, 2018.

At the beginning of 2018, Fadi Awad, the Multi-Awards Winner Music Artist, declared that 2018 is going to be the year of the “music attacks.” Many close colleagues of Fadi Awad did not know what he meant but the results of his strategy gradually revealed.

Fadi composed a top Electronic music track called “The King”. A powerful energetic piece with a brand new advanced way to use the vibraphone and an awesome sound of a brand new distinguished strings and keyboard inside it playing wonderful harmonies and melodies. It contains also some brand new sound effects (FX).

The piece shows the power of The King from the past until now in a unique electronic music way. People liked it, and big radio stations, TVs, DJs and night clubs started to rotate it heavily in no time, especially in Europe, until it entered the European Top 200 Indie Charts from about a month where it kept advancing.

“This week, “The King” reached Number One and led The European Indie Charts. I would like to thank all the DJs and Music Institutions in Europe for supporting this track and helping it reach the top. I like to take the time to thank all the supporters worldwide and promise to do my best!” - Fadi Awad

Fadi has also prepared a brand new vocals mix for “The King” performed by the wonderful singer Gunvor, to be released soon. And last February Fadi Awad and “Proconwire” Team have joined venture with Mike Rizzo and “Global Groove Ent” Team to do some top music projects, and they already started with two great songs and an announcement will be made soon.

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