The Joe Turner Effect: Fight for Sobriety

Co-founder of Recovery Champions and former addict Joe Turner shares his recovery story and why he is on a mission to help people like him find the right treatment.

In his fight for sobriety, Joe Turner has endured the consequences that come along with addiction and drug abuse. During his battle with addiction, Joe was in and out of the legal system, struggled to find a stable job and in the end stuck with no were to go.

With the help of jail, drug court and treatment Joe was able to turn a 20-year drug addiction into a recovery story. Turner was born into a biker gang and at the age of 16 forced to become a drug runner.

“ I lived a very hard life. I understand trauma in all its forms. I live today to help my brothers and sisters find recovery,” wrote Joe turner on his Recovery Champions website.

Two years ago, he decided to become sober and with that came the start of Recovery champions, a Kentucky based non-profit that encourages people all over America to find recovery. During an interview with The Recover, Joe explained to reporter McKenzie Santa Maria, that his main goal is to help people no matter what they have going on in life to find the right treatment.

” I want people to be great, have them be someone others look up to and understand that if they don’t believe in themselves-We do,” Turner said during the phone interview with the Recover.

Recovery champions were launched in 2015 and continue to work with over 20 community partners all over America to find treatment as fast as possible. They understand that time is crucial when dealing with addiction and mental health.

Not only is Joe the founder of the Kentucky based non-profit he is also featured in a new series called Let’s Talk. Let’s Talk is aired on the new Roku channel, Fighting Addiction and stars Joe Turner and others in the addiction community to help guide people in the right direction for recovery.

” We want to focus our efforts on encouraging the viewers to ask questions and call when they are seeking professional guidance or help,” Joe Turner told Santa Maria.

The Fighting Addiction Channel provides educational content, along with self-help and resources. Recommendations are given to anyone suffering from addiction, Topics include, documentaries, self-help videos, motivational videos, recovery story shows, Overdose prevention episodes, self-help book reviews & much more.

Joe Turner is a licensed treatment specialist, certified counselor and recovering addict with hopes that with his passion and many others like him, Recovery Champions can lead many suffering people to sobriety.

Reach out, Don’t Wait!”- Joe Turner.

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