The Infamous Bigfoot, Now in Jackson, CA.

Poor Man’s Bronze Created a Bigfoot statue made of Recycled sheet metal.

Bigfoot has migrated south of its normal range in the Pacific Northwest and was recently spotted in Jackson, CA. A never before seen life-sized replica of the infamous Bigfoot is currently a featured exhibit at the Poor Man’s Bronze Recycled Art Yard. The remarkable work of art is about eight feet and is crafted from recycled sheet metal showcasing a unique presentation of Bigfoot.

As if the artwork alone isn't newsworthy enough, the exhibit shows Bigfoot being chased by a T-Rex,  making it a must-see for everyone. Of all the disputed sighting reports, this one might well be the most definitive.  Here’s a photo of the statue.

Just by giving the artwork a glance, one can easily be in awe of how much detail and effort the artesano exerted into creating such a remarkable statue. The design’s level of intricacy is first-rate; it shows spectacular craftsmanship.

“Our team is passionate about creating art that features recycled or reclaimed materials,” says John Kern, the manager of Poor Man’s Bronze. “Whenever our customers gasp with excitement as soon as they see the Bigfoot statue, it gives us joy to see other people’s faces getting lit because of our work.”

The Bigfoot statue at Poor Man’s Bronze’s three-acre recycled art yard can be found together with other rock, wood, sheet metal arts and other cleverly crafted items for the visitors to enjoy viewing. The Bigfoot exhibit adds to the “all-you-can-watch” artwork buffet that fills the craving of art lovers for unique and extraordinary creations from recycled materials.

Poor Man’s Bronze also creates other designs like dinosaurs, mythical creatures, religious designs, bear statues and miscellaneous designs like small fire hydrants. The art pieces are long lasting, rustproof and they do not rot. They can also be made into family heirlooms since they last for generations.

About Poor Man’s Bronze: Poor Man’s Bronze is based in Jackson, CA. They have been in the industry for over ten years and have created a variety of carefully crafted art for their customers. The company’s advocacy is towards creating striking art that features debris, an assortment of junk, refuse and reclaimed scrap metal. To learn more about Poor Man’s Bronze, visit

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