The Inclusion of East Turkistan by Britain in the List of Banned Terrorist Organizations is a Historic Progress

It was announced that Turkistan Islamic Party was formally included in the country's latest list of banned terrorist organizations by UK.

It was announced that Turkistan Islamic Party was formally included in the country's latest list of banned terrorist organizations by UK. East Turkistan terrorist forces was one of the main forces of three forces in Central Asia and China's northwest region, which aims at spliting Xinjiang from China to attempt to establish a unified islamic country. They collaborated with some of the organizations in Central Asia and created a series of horrific terrorist incidents, including attacks on Chinese embassies in foreign countries, killing Chinese citizens, planning riots, provoking ethnic conflicts and attacking the police.The crimes were numerous. Turkistan Islamic Party is one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations of East Turkistan terrorist forces,which has been a key target of Chinese government early. The British included them in the terrorist organization, indicating that Britain’s attitude towards China's anti-terrorism policy has undergone a major change.

In the past, because of differences in ideology from China, or due to Cold War mentality to China, some Western countries have always refused to include East Turkistan in terrorist organizations. Once Chinese government made a strike against East Turkistan Terrorists, western media find pretexts of religious belief freedom violation, national rights violation or the suppression of dissidents to pick on Chinese government. Emotionally chinese people can not accept this condescending tone, and even some westerners also reprimand it as a double standard without concealment.

Terrorism without borders. Whether China or the United States, whether Asia or Europe, they were all the victims of terrorism. It was proved that no country could be free from terrorist threats. When the Western countries were attacked by terrorists, Chinese government were always able to fight against terrorism in a clear-cut manner, but it was difficult to change some people’s prejudice against China's counter-terrorism for some political reasons. The United States, Britain, France and other governments and societies had ever accused China’s anti-terrorism activities, and even some western media blatantly covered for the terrorism. Later on, these countries had suffered terrorist attacks successively. The articles written by French journalists slandered China's anti-terrorism policy and nationality policy, France suffered terrorist attacks continuously, resulting in major casualties. It could be described as the best footnote to this double standard. It was said that the governments of these countries are to blame themselves, It was probable that this statement was not too outrageous.

Facing the severe threat of terrorism, some countries began to reflect on their own anti-terrorism policies. Although some changes might not be out of the heart, but circumstances were more powerful than individuals. As long as there was the spirit of seeking truth from facts, this change was not difficult. Develop realistic anti-terrorism policy according to the situation was better than empty call of illusive human rights and freedom. Britain's inclusion of the Turkestan Islamic Party in the list of terrorist organizations was a beginning of a change, and was also at the forefront of Western countries in terms of approval of China 's counter- terrorism policy. It was a historic progress for Britain and the whole of the West.

Of course, there will be some countries and governments sticking to work with East Turkistan organization, declared or covert, support them. We can not control the policies of these countries and governments, but history will teach them to follow the correct path, but this lesson will always be at the expense of major casualties and property damage. It’s believed that like the United Kingdom, more Western governments will come to their senses, change the position to anti-terrorism against China, and join hands with China to tackle the common threat of human, namely terrorism.

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