The Hygini is a Portable Toothbrush Solution Ensuring Clean Teeth Anyplace, Anytime

Live on Kickstarter, The Hygini is compact dental tool for use outside the home.

Hygini, the revolutionary new toothbrush system that ensures clean teeth on-the-go, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Brushing after every meal or sugary drink can be the most important step to dental health one can take. Unfortunately, today’s fast-paced life often means most people are only able to brush maybe twice a day if that. The Hygini is breakthrough dental hygiene system that lets people keep their teeth clean all day long.

"Have you heard the mantra ‘brush twice a day, floss,’ and you are good? Why not brush 3 or 4 times a day? Why not brush after lunch or after drinking sugary acidic drinks? How do you clean your teeth or get fresh breath while you are out and about? What if you eat a good diet,  brush twice, floss, and still get cavities?” says founder and CEO Jason Tizzano on the inspiration behind the project.

The Hygini Toothbrush Flosser Bottle is a 60mL bottle that stores mouthwash and essential dental tools. The toothbrush screws into the cap and doubles as a flosser. The Uflosser pieces snap onto the tip of the toothbrush for easy flossing and come in bags of 30.  2 Uflosser's can be stored in the cap where they won’t move while using the toothbrush. The Hygini is a compact dental tool that enables proper dental hygiene everywhere.

Through customer support of "The Hygini," the company hopes to help bring better dental tools and care to those in need. The company has partnered with Salt Lake Donated Dental Services ( which helps provide free or reduced dental care to people and their families in need. A portion of the profits or supplies will be donated to help SLDDS continue fulfilling their mission as long as the Kickstarter successfully funds.

"Brush after each meal. (Yes, after lunch too with the ultra portable Hygini.) And floss at least once per day.  Then going to the dentist won’t be scary since you won't have to worry whether or not your teeth are in good shape,” adds Tizzano. “You will feel great about your dental health after the dentist tells you that you are cavity free. AND The Hygini will fulfill its role in helping you take incredible care of your teeth!”

The Hygini campaign is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Jason Tizzano

After graduating college with a degree in Biology and minor in Chemistry Jason worked in technical support for medical instruments developing problem solving skills. After having 2 cavities filled at the dentist while unknowingly being in between insurances after turning 26 he received a roughly $850 bill. After having a minor heart attack he quickly realized he had a problem. The problem being the right dental tool needed to take extraordinary care of his teeth had not been made. After many prototypes and design mockups “The Hygini” was created.


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