The HOTH Launches Service Aimed at Reputation Management

HOTH Stars allows firms to take control of online conversations and boost positive reviews, reports

Individuals and firms around the globe have increasingly become more aware of the way they are perceived by the general public and how consumers view them. In fact, it's a common train of thought that a company's reputation is just as important as the quality of the product offered. Some would even say the reputation is more important than the particular services offered. In today's digital age, companies all have some sort of presence on the web, and consumers use the internet daily. A mindful company cannot afford to ignore the damage a negative comment can do when it comes to their brand's image or reputation.

With the idea of helping organizations and individuals retain their good name, The HOTH - a White Lablel SEO and content firm - has launched HOTH Stars, a reputation management division of the already successful SEO firm. Says Greg Webb, Account Manager for the HOTH, "Customer reviews can make or break an online reputation. Unfortunately, the majority of customers that are motivated to leave reviews often end in a negative review. Companies have to be on top of what's being said about them online."

Firms are being forced to take control of the Internet chatter, embracing techniques and strategies to ensure consumers discover the right materials when they undertake online searches. "When a company has online reputation done correctly, they create a balance of good and bad comments, counteract misleading comments, and allows people or their companies to put the best light on situations. At The HOTH, we wanted to help with this undertaking. Not only can firms increase their reviews with our software, they can monitor reviews left anywhere so that they can be quickly responded to."

With the growing importance placed on social media, The HOTH plan allows customers to 'Click here' to correct any problems before any review is received on Facebook, Google and any other platform. Says Webb, "Now, companies can Auto-Post their positive reviews to social media to keep the stream full of positive sentiments. Just hook up the social accounts, set the schedule, and the software does it all for you!"

About The HOTH:

The HOTH is a White Label SEO Link Building and Content Company based out of St. Petersburg, FL. Their tools have helped power some of the largest SEO agencies in the world. The HOTH is a White Label SEO Service for Agencies, Consultant, and In House SEOs.

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