The Hormone Cure by Dr. Sara Gottfried Reaches Number 1 in Women’s Health on Amazon

Leading root cause analysis specialist Dr Sara Gottfried publishes a new book, The Hormone Cure, that debuts at number one in Women’s Health on Amazon.

The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Dive & Vitality Naturally with The Gottfried Protocol is officially available in stores and online after debuting at number one in its category on Amazon. Root cause analysis specialist Dr. Sara Gottfried’s book is aimed at women who feel fat, cranky, brittle, exhausted, stressed, or don’t want to have sex. The book reminds women that it’s not normal to feel this way.

The book has gained plaudits from other celebrated authors. Daniella Laporte, Author of The Firestarter Sessions and The Desire Map commented:

“The Hormone Cure is the playbook for your mojo, your mind, and your bootie. With every chapter I thought, "So that's how that works." I wanted to call every girlfriend and give them the goods on how to glow - now and always.

Another author, Marci Shimoff, Author of Love For No Reason commented, “The Hormone Cure is a breakthrough hormone guide—entertaining, persuasive, hilarious. I’ve not seen this content anywhere! Get to the root of your issues: low energy, fatigue, low sex drive, anxiety, weight gain. This book is gold.”

In the book, Dr. Sara walks her readers through a simple self-assessment, which then points them to chapters on their specific hormone imbalances. Each chapter includes case studies, the science behind the issue, and strategies for getting back into hormonal balance. Using The Gottfried Protocol, Dr. Sara’s unique approach to reclaiming health, readers start small with lifestyle tweaks, then move on to supplements then, if necessary, using bioidentical hormones. With a focus on strategies that are natural, proven, and most of all effective, The Hormone Cure promotes a lifestyle of youthful energy, easy-to-implement habits, and sustainable health.

Dr. Sara’s new book promises not to be yet another dull diet book on eating less and exercising more – the aim of the book is to be revolutionary. It takes the stance that health isn’t found in a prescription or a pill bottle; it’s in exercise, at the end of a fork, in the supplements that fill in important nutritional gaps.

About Dr Gottfied
Dr. Sara Gottfried is a wife and mother to two girls and a Harvard-trained MD with 20+ years of experience, and author of The Hormone Cure. Dr Gottfried discovered her cortisol level was high and decided to use her medical training to fix the problem. She then tackled her low thyroid and hormone imbalance. She ate differently, exercised less, and took some promising new supplements and as a result, lost 25 pounds. The solution to her problems became The Gottfried Protocol, and it has treated over 10,000+ women. She is a gynaecologist, but she doesn’t just treat problems, she specializes in root cause analysis.

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