The Holistic Sanctuary Welcomes You To The New Era of High-End, Sustainable, Luxury Wellness Centers at The Sanctuary Tulum

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The Holistic Sanctuary is proud and excited to launch its newest High End Luxury Healing Center in Tulum Mexico and continue to take the holistic healthcare to a new level.

The Holistic Sanctuary announces the grand opening of The Sanctuary Tulum. They invite soul seeking awakened souls to come and experience a life changing and transformational experience in Tulum Beach Mexico, while reconnecting with Mother Gaia. The Holistic Sanctuary in Tulum allows its guests to reconnect to spirit and the inner core of the human soul. In an area where people from all over the world flock to, in a highly sought after travel destination of Tulum Beach Mexico. The Holistic Sanctuary Tulum stands apart with its revolutionary, safe, effective, and profound healing method. Now the newest location in a prestigious beaches of Tulum Mexico with its aqua draped ocean floors, pristine white sands and surrounded with underground sacred rivers called cenotes.

The brainchild and creator behind this Healing Center who masterfully created The Holistic Sanctuary and invented the Pouyan Method healing system also envisioned and designed the Sanctuary Tulum. This came as a request when his elite high-end clientele pleaded to him to build a 7 star Luxury Healing Center in Tulum. After a decade or saving lives and transforming souls at the most Elite Plant Medicine Healing Center in the world located in Baja California Click link here, Johnny Tabaie decided to take his powerful holistic healing protocol to the most sacred place in Mexico, Tulum Mexico, better known as the A list celebrity playground.

In the Holistic Tulum Sanctuary you can experience this unique 7-star healing center, with the concept that inner transformation, spiritual awakening and honoring nature and being mindful is key to a meaningful transformation where you are reconnected with your inner self. The Tulum Sanctuary resort is a place where visitors can seek personal growth through the Sanctuary's ceremonies and deep transformational experience using ancient and sacred plant medicine.

Regarded as one of the most exclusive luxury healing centers in the world, the Sanctuary Tulum offers a program where the safety of the clients is honored using the most innovated preparation, medically supervised, scientific based, methodical protocol and healing method “The Pouyan Method”. Alongside carefully selected doctors, holistic healers here, shamans, yogi’s and reiki healers, who will lead our guests to a life changing experience and ceremony with plant medicine, multi vibrational metaphysical healing, that inspire awakening and connection with your inner soul.

The Tulum Holistic Sanctuary will also feature holotropic-breathwork and sound-healing therapy programs that resonates with the universal vibration of Om, and sacredness of all life and the lush and vast jungle in Tulum, but in a luxury treatment center, relaxed environment for our exclusive guests. “There is a growing community of future thinkers who want to embrace and maximise their inner potential who are looking for a spiritual awakening and to reconnect to mother earth using the amazing tools nature provided us like sacred entheogenic sacred plant medicine this link, to create a shift in the new era where the collective consciousness is more important than ever ”said founder Johnny Tabaie.

The Sanctuary Tulum was created to be the perfect spot to find that inner awakening where we maximize the healing of the Human Potential and the inner soul. This is the perfect place where you can reconnect to your higher-self in a world class luxury facility and high end accommodations.

The Holistic Sanctuary Tulum offers the exclusivity of a private jungle getaway in Tulum, with 11 Oceanfront master suites that includes 9 large master oceanfront suites, plus a 2 bedroom penthouse rooftop for their high profile, elite and celebrity clientele. Each suite has its own private bathroom and balcony with views of the crystal clear aqua waters. The penthouse celebrity suite boasts its own rooftop saltwater infinity pool, with 2-bedroom master suites, with full kitchen, comes with its own private chef, private healer, private therapist, private attending physician, and to top it off helipad on the roof. Price starting whopping price tag at $500k per client, per month with a minimum 3 month stay. This is only offered to the most exclusive people from around the world, as you can see it is priced accordingly. The client in the penthouse also has the luxury of being picked up in a private jet from anywhere in the US flown to Cancun airport with a short 20 min helicopter ride directly to the Sanctuary Tulum Penthouse with no delay which is all included in the price of $1.5mil.

All suites are designed in a sustainable way, The Holistic Sanctuary in Tulum thrives on using only eco friendly, sustainable material, not toxic paints and chemicals. "These toxic poisons do not have a place in this sacred space we are creating and doesn't resonate with the vibe of our sanctuary of healing" said Tabaie. We only use organic, ethical, and sustainable grown and sourced organic sheets and linen. Even the meals are 100% organic, verified non gmo, pesticide free, gluten-soy-dairy- and casein free, diet.

A high-end Eco-Chic Nomadic experience looking to maximize every person's healing experience using the most unique holistic protocol in the world, The Pouyan Method. The Holistic Sanctuary is the only licensed healing center in the world that offers all the sacred plant medicines like Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, DMT, Kambo, performed and offered only as a therapeutic assisted therapy. This is all done in a strict and medically supervised setting with medical doctors that are inhouse. The past 10 years they have taken holistic healing by storm and revolutionized the plant medicine movement, they have mastered and humanized plant medicine, by honoring the medicine and preparing the clients correctly. They don’t stop there, they are also the only facility to create a Stem Cell protocol that heals Lupus, Lyme disease, MS and ALS, with a fantastic success rate.

The Holistic Sanctuary also boasts its latest protocol, “The Gaba Brain Repair IV” to heal reverse and cure Benzodiazepine addiction or dependence. Johnny Tabaie was able to do this by discovering a molecule from nature that has the ability to reset the Gaba and glutamate receptors to a pre-addicted state. "This is unheard of and with an astonishing 95% success rate, this is never seen before, ever, even in clinical or medical settings", says Tabaie.

What's different from this spa from the others in Tulum? The takeaway is The Sanctuary Tulum medical spa is equipped with cutting edge technologies like the HBOT, Cryotherapy, Floatation Tanks and Ozone 10 pass treatments, Stem Cells , NAD+ Iv therapies. This is not a vacation says Tabaie, "This is a sanctuary of transformation, once you come here and do this program, you'll never be the same. Some clients even refer to it as boot camp for the mind, body, and soul."

We asked Johnny Tabaie what he was working on next, what's next for you? Tabaie paused for a moment, smiled and said, "I am working on a cure for Aids and Cancer and I am 80% finished with it and it will change the world of medicine as we know it. Say Hello to the New Era Of Healing and saving lives".


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Name: Johnny Tabaie
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Organization: The Holistic Sanctuary
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Name: Johnny Tabaie
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Organization: The Holistic Sanctuary
Address: 1212 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills CA 90212