The Healthy Creates a List of The 101 Most Inspirational Quotes About Health, Life & Love

The Healthy has collated and curated a collection of quotes about Health from some of the world’s greatest thinkers throughout history, publishing them for readers to enjoy.

Health is vital for everyone, but health is more than just a state of wherein the body is not breaking down. Health is about physical vitality, emotional wellbeing and spiritual cultivation. is an online magazine site that provides articles to enrich and advise in all these areas, and has recently created an article on the most Inspirational Quotes about health, life and love. They have published the article in order to inspire people to realize that health and love are, and always will be the most important thing in life.

The article is broken down into five quotes per page with a slide navigation menu that allows individuals to scroll forward or backward through the collection. Along with every quote, which include famous thinkers like Mark Twain, Buddha, Plato and Schwarzenegger, comes a special ‘our thoughts’ section in which the website editors help to unpick the wisdom shared in plain-spoken advice.

The collection of wisdom is just one of many articles found in their ‘inspiration’ section, which hopes to bring not a healthy digestive system or immune system to readers so much as a healthy attitude. The magazine also regularly publishes articles on fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and more, but it’s emphasis on psychological well being sets it apart.

A spokesperson for The Healthy explained, “Quotes, as we call them, are also described as maxims, truisms, or aphorisms. They all describe pithy, well-captured summations of thoughts we often have in the back of our minds but have never clarified for us. The benefit of this clarity, especially when provided by the wittiest and most intelligent minds throughout history, results in a clearer sense of our priorities and values, and is essential in fostering a healthy mindset, which in turn has been shown to have benefits to physical health by lowering stress and strengthening the immune system.”

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The Healthy is the Online Magazine for a Healthy Mind, Body & Soul. At The Healthy, their mission is to motivate millions of people to live a healthy lifestyle. They aim to provide the highest quality health content on the web, including articles on diet, fitness, food, relationships and pregnancy, with inspiration for all.

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