The H Hub Is Changing The Way Brands Source Their Digital Content

The H Hub is a content engine for quality-focused brands. The H Hub is a community of 40,000 highly curated content creators. Brands and agencies across the country work with The H Hub to create top-notch content, at scale and faster than traditional methods.

In 2019, the lifeblood of your brand is your digital content.

Whether it’s photography, blog posts, video segments or influencer marketing, the name of the game is output. The H Hub offers a decentralized solution (leveraging it’s community of 40,000 vetted content creators) to brands trying to keep up with the modern pace of content creation. Brands can either work with The H Hub’s award winning creative agency to create high quality content on a monthly basis or use The H Hub’s software platform (essentially a search engine) to find the best photographers, models and videographers in seconds.

Since its founding, The H Hub has formed a community of of the best content creators in the world by accepting less than 20% of applicants. It’s community is incredibly active – in fact, last year 186,000 unpaid shoots happened between its members. Brands and agencies can leverage this active, talented network of creative talent to create a flowing stream of high quality content for well below market rate.

In an effort to keep up with the constant demand for new content and exposure, many companies have turned toward influencer marketing, hiring individuals with social media followings to create and share their content as an endorsement. In this sense, it’s a highly deregulated and ineffective approach, as it doesn’t ensure quality of content or authenticity of message. This is reflected in the fact that though the number of sponsored posts have tripled year-over-year for the past three years in a row while the engagement with that very content has remained static – that is, consumers aren’t falling for it any more.

The H Hub solves for this by prioritizing quality content over exposure. Though it’s 40,000 members have over 500MM followers between them, most of their client relationships focus on creating consistent monthly content as opposed to using the content in influencer posts.

Given that the average user needs to see about 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchase decision, the content you create must be as high quality as it is prolific. For brands who don’t have the time and resources to devote to the work this entails, The H Hub is the perfect solution. Their decentralized network assures that content has a faster turnaround (often 4x faster than industry standards) and is more affordable (often as much at 10x cheaper than traditional agencies). With fast turnaround and prices well below market, The H Hub can work with anyone from a ecommerce startup to a 100-year-old company that needs a social face lift.

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