The Groundbreaking 10-Hour Coffee Diet Gets Results in the First Week

In her latest book The 10-Hour Coffee Diet, weight loss expert Jennifer Jolan shares her miraculous weight-loss tricks. By drinking ordinary coffee enhanced with energizing ingredients, dieters can see results in the first week.

Jennifer Jolan, weight loss expert and author, has released The 10-Hour Coffee Diet. Her latest book is a complete guide that helps anyone transform their body and health using three “weird” coffee weight-loss tricks.

“It’s a wonderful way to lose weight and stay healthy, while avoiding harmful diet supplements and without starving yourself,” says Jolan. “I use my coffee weight loss program every day and I’m happy to share my secrets.”

This groundbreaking diet may be just what actors need when they want to slim down to look stunning on the red carpet at the Oscars. It can also help actors take off weight as they prepare for movie roles. Dedicated to preparing for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey struggled to lose 47 pounds.

The diet is surprisingly simple. The book explains how to turn ordinary coffee into 10-Hour Coffee Diet weight-loss coffee. When drank two or more times a day, dieters can feel and see results in the first week.

The 10-Hour Coffee Diet also produces clean, consistent, and focused energy. “You can throw away your 5-Hour Energy, Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, and all of the other so-called energy drinks,” says Jolan. “They’re unnecessary. My book explains how to get all of the energy you need without spending money on products that aren’t good for you.”

Jolan's 10-Hour Coffee Diet isn't one of those harsh, unrealistic, one-size-fits-all diets. There are 10 variations of The 10-Hour Coffee Diet from which to choose – 11 variations if dieters switch out coffee for tea. The diet offers options for pure coffee weight loss, maintaining weight to body composition, and gaining muscle.

The book shares additional weight loss secrets. It explains how to “fuel up” with up to 75 different “body-happy” nutrients cheaply and easily with each meal. It also details two 15-second diet tricks that destroy belly fat.

To begin the transformation, purchase a paperback or Kindle Edition of The 10-Hour Coffee Diet at

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