The Great Big Book of Green Smoothies Unveils 45 Original Green Smoothie Recipes

42 of the web's best food bloggers, recipe developers, food experts and taste testers for a living combined their collective talent to create a resource of killer Green Smoothie recipes called The Great Big Book of Green Smoothies.

The Great Big Book of Green Smoothies claims to be the one solution to keep the body function perfectly well. Whether it is about physical health or mental, Green Smoothie can reduce stress, fights against depression, detoxify the blood, reduce weight and freshen the skin.

The Great Big Book of Green Smoothies is basically a gently dried superfood green powder that mixes with water to make a highly energetic and immensely wonderful drink that super charge the body by providing it with the required nutrients. Green Smoothie is totally a natural, organic whole superfood mix, free of all kind of pharmaceutical drug involvement.

Access Here 45 Brand New And Original Green Smoothie Recipes, All Of Which Can Be Prepped And/Or Made In Under 5 Minutes

The mixture of all the superfoods of the world makes it a divine cure to the body’s usual health problems. It helps in reducing the effects of diabetes too and diabetic patients can easily rely on this drink and have a glass daily to overcome their health issues.

The formula of The Great Big Book of Green Smoothies is natural but scientifically proved to revitalize the body without any side effects. 30 seconds daily in dissolving the powder in the water and make an anti-aging drink that freshen the body and the mind of the person too.

All the ingredients in this juice powder are USDA organic and free of gluten or soy. Also, vegans can use it without any hassle. Ingredients like Chlorella which is green algae high in polyunsaturated fats. Good in reducing inflammation. It claims to treat cancer too. Moringa alger helps in preventing diabetes and heart disease too. Protein, iron, and calcium are included in the product in the form of Spirulina which provides energy and strength to the body fast. Mint is good in treating indigestion, menstrual cramps and insomnia.

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Folate and manganese are included which makes blood thin and reduce the risks of heart attacks and stroke. EGCG in green tea is there too. which act as an antioxidant to reduce stress and stable appetite. Wheatgrass cleans the blood and regenerate the blood cells.

Moreover, there is Ashwaghanda which claims to increase mental focus, fights against hypertension, and boost the immune system. Turmeric and lemon contain anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants and alkalize the body. They stabilize blood sugar too.

Last but not the least, the Coconut Water is also included in the Great Big Book of Green Smoothies. It contains high levels of potassium cleanse and freshen kidneys and help Green Smoothie’s ingredients move through the blood all around the body and perform their tasks well.

The Great Big Book of Green Smoothies is suitable for the people who have weak immunity system. The ingredients included in this product can help in HIV too, for building up the immune system and making it stronger than ever before. Each bottle contains 30 servings for a month in really affordable prices as compared to the high quality ingredients being included in the product.

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The team Coterie Cookbooks also offers incredible customer service for dealing the customers 24/7. Also, this products comes with 100% money back guarantee if the user doesn’t get desired results keeping the priorities in mind. This ebook is one of its kind and highly reliable for all.

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