The Global Youth Team Has Drawn Up a Blueprint for New Economic Development in Chengdu!

The Action Plan of "Venture Tianfu" - "HAICHUANGHUI," the Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit of Global Youth Talent was Successfully Held

In the afternoon on 19th May, the action plan of "Venture Tianfu" - "HAICHUANGHUI", Chengdu innovation and entrepreneurship summit of global youth talent was held in Century City International Exhibition Center. More than 200 global economic talents, top-level experts, well-known young entrepreneurs, young talent representative of well-known universities both at home and abroad, Chengdu "entrepreneurial star" university student representatives are all gathering in this place. The discussion is about the role of young talents in the new era and promotes the development of the new economy in Chengdu.

Hu Yuankun, the Chengdu municipal party committee member, organization department minister, and municipal talents group leader has attended the event and delivered a speech. He pointed out that Chengdu is seizing the window period and opportunity period of new economic development while facing the mission of the new development concept construction.

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"Developing new economy and cultivating new drivers" will be a major choice to promote urban strategic transformation, economic transformation, and competitive advantage. It is important to keep talents as the priority, implement the strategy of prioritizing human resources development, and inject strong impetus into the new economic development. Hu stressed that Chengdu will strengthen the recruitment of new economic talents, promote the development of human resources, develop new economic talents, strengthen the reserve of young talents, promote the synergy of new economic human resources, and promote the highly aggregated, coordinated and orderly flow of talents in the new economic field. Hu welcomes the top-level talents and young talents to join Chengdu to develop the new economy and cultivate new drivers, and share development opportunities with Chengdu to create a better future.

In the event, the president of the general assembly, the president of WafaGames and the founder, Kathy Gong read out the "Global RONGPIAO Youth Talent Innovation And Entrepreneurship Alliance Initiative."

She called the global youth innovation and entrepreneurship to join together, relying on the "HAICHUANGHUI" platform to build a synergy of innovation and entrepreneurship and actively build a global "RONGPIAO" alliance of youth talent innovation and entrepreneurship. Let the party's nineteen spirit and General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions to the young people fully implemented on the land of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu in order to realize the "youth dream" of personal development in Chengdu, and to contribute to the realization of the "Chinese dream", the youth power in Chengdu.

In the keynote speech, Sara Jane Ho, the founder of Institute Sarita, gave a speech titled "the combination of business and life from Harvard to Chengdu." Wang Xiaoyu, the chief scientist of IntelliFusion shared the application direction of artificial intelligence. The professor of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Gu Shi used his personal experiences to share with us his feelings after came here for a year.

During the summit conversation, the President and founder of WafaGames, Kathy Gong, the founder of buds, World Economic Forum "Global Outstanding Youth", Yao Jiusi, professor of College of Architecture and Environment, Sichuan University, Hu Ang, the chairman and general manager of Sichuan Kang Cheng biotechnology co. LTD., the expert of national "1000 youth program," Sichuan "thousand people program", "Rong Piao program" were discussed and focused on the topic of "Global cities are competing for the attractiveness of Chengdu- how can the new economy young entrepreneurs contribute to Chengdu development?"

Representative of young innovation and entrepreneurship talents from the University of California, San Diego, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Sun Yat-sen University, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China were focused on the issue and shared their opinions about "Chengdu, the new path to attract talent from the world's top universities."
In addition, four projects, including California lithium battery, NanoSun Company, TRIUNE central purchasing and stretchable soft battery were performed on the site.

As the "2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair" branch activity, this summit aims to focus on the global youth innovation and entrepreneurship talents, and build a good platform for global youth talents to gather together and achieve a mutual benefits cooperation. In the in-depth publicity of the Chengdu new policy for talents, the expansion of the new trend, " RONGPIAO " era has achieved positive effects on the influence of young people around the world.

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