The Global Entry of Edenloop Through a Large-sized Partnership

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Edenloop,1st Airdrop ended in 5 minutes.2nd Airdrop and ARTNFT Random Drop will proceed.

On the 15th, Edenloop, which has a global entry ahead of it, announced that it will proceed with an ELT Air Drop with the holders in the United States, China, and Korea as the subjects based on the past 7:00 a.m. (UTC), January 19 through its official blog.

At the same time as the presentation, it had been simultaneously disclosed through a telegram (KR), a website, the NFT Marketplace, a medium (KR), Twitter, a reddit, the Instagram, a medium (EN), and a telegram (EN). And, at 7:05 a.m. (UTC) on January 19, as an event that had recruited 1,500 people (The 50,000 ELT’s), who were the 1st level airdrops, it ended in only 5 minutes.

Through the community channel and the follow of Edenloop, 32 ELT’s can be received per individual. And, at one time, it had risen up to the 3rd ranking in terms of the global standard of the twitter NFT real time search ranking.

Regarding Edenloop, together with the updating of Edenloop 2.0, it had newly introduced the 3D NFT, which was fused with the WebGL technology, which is an open-type web standard technology, which had accumulated the technological ability in the previous 10 years.

As the first NFT Marketplace inside Korea and as a technology that is introduced, in the whole world, it is a technology that had been applied by Opensea, Superrare, Foundation, Rarible, etc. only.

Very recently, ‘COEX NFT Winter Gallery 2021’, which is the large-sized exhibition in Korea, which had been jointly supervised by COEX, and which is the largest exhibition company inside Korea, ended successfully through a partnership with Samsung Electronics.

According to the word by the Representative Lee, Dong-won of COEX, he stated, “I congratulate the global entry by Edenloop. The reason why I selected Edenloop, among the many NFT marketplaces, as a partner is because I trust the technology of Edenloop. And it is because I think about the possibility of the growth in the future and I think of it as the optimal partner who will be together in the ‘NFT future’.

Through a cooperation with the artists, COEX plans to introduce a works of art exhibition in the whole area of COEX. And it is planned that the works of art by the participating artists will be exhibited and transacted as the digital works of art at the Edenloop NFT Exchange.”

Edenloop plans to proceed with the mind that is grateful to the people who had continued to support, more 2nd level airdrops ahead of the global entry, and the Art NFT Random Drop.

It has been preparing the diverse events for the creation of an Edenloop ecosystem that has been directed toward being global by going over the domestic. And it has been preparing an update through a globally large-sized partnership.

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