The GAC NE Aion S gets into position to rival Model 3

With the coming of the 2019 Chinese New Year, GAC NE announces the launch of more products in the coming months including Aion S. The Aion S has the longest cruising range of 630km with a comprehensive cruising range of 510km, it will definitely surpass the upcoming Model 3 from Tesla which achieved volume production in Shanghai by the end of the year. As the world's first deep integrated high-performance 3-in-1 electric drive system and the world's first CATL latest generation ternary lithium battery model, the Aion S has just passed the certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

Aion S is a perfect combination of design aesthetics and ergonomics. It utilizes the technical advantages of pure electric vehicles to the ultimate pure electric platform to give the vehicle more battery space. Aion S also achieves lower battery consumption with the 0.245Cd ultra-low drag coefficient of sports cars and create a more comfortable and larger cockpit. Meanwhile, the Solar sunroof gives Aion S the world’s first mass-produced solar self-circulating eco-cockpit.

Aion S is the world's first mass-produced EV reached level-4 self-driving operation within designated area. It is equipped with level-2 driving function including TJA traffic congestion assistance, ICA integrated cruise assistance and APA automatic parking assistance. Combined with the upgraded GAC NE AI System 2.0, it brings a new driving experience of AI to the consumers.

Aion S can be customized through GAC NE APP which offers more than 144 configuration combinations. All Aion S orders will be personalized in the GAC NE Intelligent Eco-Factory, which was completed in December last year. Customers can use the visual tracking interface to understand the production progress of the order.

The leader of the GAC NE said at the Design Aesthetics Conference that with the launch of Aion S, GAC NE is expected to sell more than 50,000 units this year. The achievement of this goal will benefit from the new SUV which will be launched in September this year. This is a five-seat model that can accelerate from 0-100kph in about 4 seconds, the performance of the car will attract more consumers.

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