The G1 Jacket is a Futuristic Jacket Created Using Graphene, a Nobel Prize Award-Winning Material

Live on Kickstarter, the G1 Jacket is a heat-conducting graphene jacket of the future.

The G1 Jacket, the revolutionary new futuristic heated jacket from Innovative Tech Gear crafted from Graphene, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Graphene is a groundbreaking new nano-material made from carbon atoms arranged in a planar film and is the first ever material to win a Nobel Prize Award. In its short existence, Graphene has been used by scientists, in electronics, solar cells and even by NASA for its natural strength and conductivity. This powerful and mysterious technology hidden in the G1 Jacket’s lining is capable of keeping wearers warm all winter long.

“The majority of the jackets in the market are either stylish or functional. There is no jacket in the market that can both keep you warm, but also has therapeutic purposes,” says co-founder Rick Hayward on the inspiration behind the project. “It was a great challenge for our team to merge both of these elements with the most advanced heating technology that will keep you warm while promoting good health by introducing far-infrared heating technology. “

The G1 Jacket’s graphene fabric lining works by trapping and circulating the warmth that the body naturally produces while also lowering humidity to keep wearers dry and sweat-free. The G1 Jacket also boasts a detachable velcro Graphene heating pad inside which gives users complete temperature control ranging from 104°F to 150°F with 8 hours of use on a single USB-charge.

All this incredible technology is packed in a slick and stylish outer shell that can seamlessly be worn from the workplace to happy hour, and even weekend camping. Countless pockets (both visible and not), make the G1 Jacket infinitely versatile. Card pockets, hand warmer pockets, multiple slots for iPhones, iPads and more keep wearers prepared for anything modern life throws at them.

“As the demand for better products increases, the need to introduce new technology and application increases. The G1-Jacket introduces a better way to keep you warm and at the same time promotes better health with the use of 100% genuine Patented Graphene Heating Pads and Graphene Smart Fabric using Natural Graphene Fiber,” adds Hayward. “We want to bring a new kind of material to the market to introduce to people that there are better materials that can do magic.”

Available to launch in 5 stylish colors, backers of the campaign can acquire the G1 Jacket at special early-bird pricing for a fraction of competing products and enjoy the world’s most versatile Graphene jacket ever created for years to come. The G1 Jacket is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Innovative Tech Gear

The G1 Jacket vision was born when Rick, our Founder at Innovative Tech Gear, first stumbled across graphene. As your typical go-getter, Rick was ALWAYS on the move.. but he was starting to feel the toll on his body. The idea of creating a jacket that could harness both the healing benefits of Far InfraRed heat and the conductivity of graphene inspired him, and he began putting his ideas into motion.

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