The Future Just Keeps Getting Brighter for RV Solar Panels

Everyone wants to reduce costs, reduce fuel consumption and get the most out of their RV. One solar panel manufacturer,Zebra Energy, is aiming to help you do just that by developing a new solar power system to supply electricity to your RV.

Zebra Energy is already a well known name in the solar panel market. The company designs, produces and supplies solar energy products and is located in Nevada. The firm achieved its renown by developing ingenious solutions to a wide range of energy problems. Now, Zebra Energy is unveiling their SunSparks Solar Charging System product, which is designed to reduce fuel consumption and increase convenience for RV owners.

There are few more frustrating experiences than getting to the perfect spot in your Recreational Vehicle and then finding there is nowhere to connect to a power supply. Rather than dealing with this problem by investing in a dirty, noisy generator, or wastefully purchasing an everlasting supply of batteries, Zebra Energy suggests using solar power to keep those batteries charged. Kinder to the environment and kinder to your wallet, the SunSparks Solar Charging System is the RV power supply of the future.

“We designed the SunSparks Solar Charging System to really allow RVers to live the dream,” as stated by Zebra Energy CEO Gideon Needleman.

“With the SunSparks System, you can power your RV’s appliances and your personal electronic devices while camping for months at a time. The money you save on a few months’ worth of fuel pays for the SunSparks System. And the feeling of freedom it gives you is priceless.”

The SunSparks system is capable of producing 150 to 450 watts of power. The battery charging capacity this provides will enable you to run all manner of conveniences and creature comforts that will make your recreational vehicle feel like a real home when you are out on the road. The enhanced version also comes complete with an LCD monitor which can be mounted on the wall of your RV, allowing you to keep track of the progress and performance of the RV solar panels system.

Simply attach the solar panels to the roof of your RV and let them do their work, topping up your batteries while you handle other tasks or simply relax and enjoy your holiday. The freedom to check out any sites you want, without worrying about how to recharge your RV’s batteries, is within your grasp.

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