The First Female NFL Coach Releases New Books To Help Kids With The Pandemic

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Dr. Jen Welter has written a brand new series of books focused on the pandemic and how children can make sense of it.

2020 is a hard year for everyone to digest. For adults, it's been a year full of changes, emotions, and frustration. However, it's been an even more challenging year for young children that might not understand what's going on. An adult recognizes that a pandemic is bad, meaning they know to put masks on and follow social distancing rules. A young child may have no idea why any of this is happening, which can make them feel confused and alone.

Dr. Jen Welter has recently produced a series of new books specifically aimed at children during the pandemic. The series is called 'Critter Fitter,' and it focuses on teaching kids about the different rules and how to live with them. As a result, children can begin to contextualize this year and understand what's going on. The books are also designed to help children thrive during these difficult times and stay positive.
Written by the first female NFL coach
Dr. Jen Welter is a famous name in the sports industry. She was the first-ever female NFL coach, earning plaudits around the world. As well as this, she's a doctor of psychology, making her exceptionally equipped to understand others' minds.

These books are co-written by her and storytelling expert Brooke Foley. They teach children about all sorts of things during COVID-19, including fun exercises they can do to keep fit and various other activities that are beneficial for their mental health.
Tailored for children
Jen and Brooke first met at a WBENC conference years ago, and these books grew out of their combined vision to do something on behalf of kids who may not have access to information. The idea is to give parents who are working from home the tools to help their kids understand what’s going on. These stories present a much better answer than “because I said so” when kids ask parents why they need to wear a mask or why they’re not allowed to go and play with friends.

The stories are short, but they include lots of important information. More specifically, they approach topics in ways that are easy for children to connect with. There are lots of rhymes and fun characters that make challenging topics a lot easier to digest. For families that struggle to talk to children about this situation, these books can be extremely handy.
About Dr. Jen Welter
Dr. Jen Welter is a former American Football player that won gold for the US at two World Championships. Throughout her career as a player and coach, she continuously broke through gender barriers. In 2015, she was named the defensive coaching intern for the Arizona Cardinals during their training camp. This made her the first female coach in the NFL - a short while after she'd already made history as the first female coach in a men's professional football league when she was named special teams coach of the Texas Revolution. Before this, she already claimed a 'first' as the first female running back to play for a male football team.

Away from football, Dr. Welter is a doctor of psychology and regularly attends conferences to give talks on a whole host of different topics. She hopes that her extensive knowledge of professional sports and psychology will bring new perspectives on many discussions.

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