The Filter Mall Publishes New Guide to Choosing the Perfect Air Filter

Straightforward new guide will give readers plenty to think about, while making it easier to choose the right filter for a home or business, The Filter Mall reports

The Filter Mall published a new guide to choosing which air filter is best for particular needs and goals. Available now at The Filter Mall website, the new guide breaks the issue down in a straightforward way that will help readers easily make better purchasing decisions. With a wide range of products that covers everything from budget-minded workhorses to special-purpose options targeted at those with allergies or pets, The Filter Mall is a one-stop source for every air filter need.

"For many people, a household air filter is something that is replaced every so often and then forgotten about," The Filter Mall representative Sherrie Carlino said, "The fact is, though, that there is a lot more to the subject than that, and a little bit of learning can produce some real rewards. We think our new guide is going to be a helpful resource for readers and will help our customers better understand their options."

According to the American Housing Survey, around three-quarters of all homes in the United States today are equipped with central heating, and only slightly fewer have ducted air conditioning, making the consumable air filters that attach to these systems just as common. Responsible for pulling dust and other contaminants from the air that is forced through them, filters of this kind are typically designed to be replaced on a regular schedule. Coupled with their basic ubiquity, that fact makes the global air filter market a rapidly growing one that TechSci Research predicts will reach $19 billion in annual revenues before the decade is out.

As the new Filter Mall guide points out, consumers can easily benefit by looking beyond these basics, though. Although virtually all standard air filters are meant to be replaced, for example, they vary widely in terms of their expected service lifetimes. While the least expensive filter might seem like the best bargain at first, one that delivers several times the duty before needing replacement could more than justify its higher price.

The new Filter Mall guide also delves into ways that those with pets, smokers in the household, or allergies can account for these particular conditions. Once again, filter manufacturers offer products that can help with the associated challenges, whether by incorporating fine, ANSI-certified filtration elements that capture allergens or using carbon to pull smoke and odors from the air.

The new guide to choosing air filters is available now at the filter mall website. Visitors to the site will also find a full range of attractively priced air filters ready to ship, along with a variety of other useful resources.

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