The Fastest Growing Solar Company in the US just planted its Franchise roots in San Diego

America Green Solar announces its first partner franchisee in California. America’s fastest-­‐growing solar company is officially locked and loaded, amid a precedent-­‐ setting year in renewable energy, in the Golden State. In May, the state passed a mandate that all new California homes must include solar panels, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger filed a lawsuit against the United States federal government for anticipated wrongful deaths as a result of climate change.

The franchise will be based in San Diego, and will start as a face-­‐to-­‐face direct sales team that will eventually grow into one of America Green’s first retail stores. AGS is not only the only solar company able to operate in all 50 states, but is the trailblazer in bringing solar and renewables to a physical storefront.

The San Diego-­‐based entrepreneur in question is Angelina Andreoli. Andreoli’s background in sales and business includes a handful of both sales and administrative milestones at Credico, and an enormous sense of duty to better the world for all people.

Angelina grew up in Rhode Island. After several years of illness in her teens, Angelina hoped to become a pediatric specialist to help other children like her, but the persistent illness prevented her from completing med school. She began a position at Credico and, within her first week, was promoted to Corporate Trainer. She also broke every record as an admin and recruiter, and grew her new boss’ business by 150% in six months. She was part of the launch of several major Credico campaigns across the northeast.

Ultimately, she says, she felt this was settling: “I’m the best at training a team and recruiting. Why am I building a business for someone else?” she recounts. She continues, “I wanted to benefit others more. I wanted to add value. I’d learned everything I could from Credico: a goal of mine was always to learn how to run a business, then build a nonprofit putting on events, talent shows at children’s hospitals across the world—but you have to have profit to have a nonprofit.”

She sees the connection between supporting sick children and saving the planet, choosing to ensure they are left with a viable natural environment, and is confident that she can use her immense business acumen to build a nonprofit while piloting one of the first solar retail franchises in the country. Angelina finally has the opportunity to build that dream business while supporting her family and her altruistic dreams—and change the world in the process.

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