The Entry to the New Blockchain World, The Decentralized Multi-chain Wallet; Calluna Wallet Officially Launched

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The much anticipated Calluna decentralized multi-chain wallet is officially launched, providing a simple, easy-to-use and powerful decentralized multi-chain wallet application for the blockchain community.

This allows the blockchain community to get the highest level of privacy and reliability guarantee in the process of sending, receiving or storing digital assets. From cryptocurrency exchange, trading, mining, everything is a complete one-stop application that allows you to gain profits, making it the best innovation in the digital world today.

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The development of blockchain has entered its second decade. As its value has been tapped in recent years, it has received global attention, and with industry giants entering the market, the blockchain industry has remained highly popular.

The Web3.0 brought by the blockchain can help ordinary people establish their own digital identities in the digital world, control digital assets, and protect personal privacy data. The safe storage of personal digital assets has become an issue that digital asset investors pay attention to. At the same time, everyone must be able to operate and get started easily. Therefore, the cryptocurrency decentralized wallet was created based on these premises.

A decentralized wallet is the most basic tool used to store and manage your own cryptocurrencies. The private key is completely held by the person who stores the cryptocurrency and is absolutely safe and reliable. After several years of stable development, the Calluna R&D team is committed to developing a decentralized multi-chain wallet with complete functions that meet the needs of users in response to the cons of wallets on the market.

[The Future of Decentra0lized Multi-chain Wallets]

Since ETH, there has been a wave of public chains in the crypto community. The technical director of Calluna Team said: “The wallets of the future must be multi-chain. The trend of blockchain will no doubt attract more and more users and developers to participate. When we saw ETH a few years ago, it was a chain built using smart contracts, and then used to solve the issues of ETH, so came TRON. Then, we saw that Binance has also developed its own Binance smart chain BSC, a public chain specially built for the decentralized ecology."

In this era of increasing public chains, protocols, and applications, decentralized multi-chain wallets solve the needs of asset management and financial management.

[Blockchain Ecology is the Core Fortress of the Public Chain]

The decentralized wallet is the entrance to the new era blockchain, it was made for crypto management as well as identity management tool. Technology is not the core fortress of the public chain, instead, that belongs to ecology. Calluna's development blueprint is to develop more original and novel developer ecosystems and create a widely used blockchain ecosystem as the ultimate goal.

Calluna's multiple built-in functions further enrich the experience of using digital assets. The built-in open decentralized application DApp browser function provides users with a way to interact with DApps, integrates high-quality third-party DApp applications, and promotes a seamless, simple and secure connection between users, assets and applications.

DApp must be accessed through a decentralized multi-chain wallet, and a standard platform for DApp ecological applications has been developed, which will have the right to speak in the future. The Calluna decentralized multi-chain cold wallet, which took two years to build heavily, aims to become the portal to the end of the decentralized application traffic. It has formulated a long-term and comprehensive blockchain + ecological development plan and implemented it in an orderly manner.

With the launch plan set in 2021, Calluna has officially attracted everyone's attention. The token issued by Calluna's decentralized multi-chain wallet official platform is known as CAN. It is the first ecology and is the primary task for Calluna to attract users. The use of the demolish mining mechanism strengthens the growth prospects of CAN, at the same time, it reduces the circulation and holdings of the CAN in the market. It helps to increase the value of CAN, which directly attracted the attention of investors.

2021 is the early development phase for Calluna. Calluna, which has conducted internal testing in May, has successfully passed all the requirements of user testing, it provides stable operating and smooth experience to users. In June, Calluna has entered the second development stage where the new ecosystem of Calluna to the world is about to begin.

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Calluna decentralized multi-chain wallet aims to provide users with a safe, secure, easy-to-use, and powerful cryptocurrency management tool. It also provides synchronous support for Android and iOS systems. It is free to download for everyone, without any hidden fees. Calluna Wallet is ultimately a friendly, safe and reliable blockchain entry point for everyone.

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