The Electric Rider Publishes Major New Site-Wide Spring Update

Just in time for sunnier weather, spring update includes fresh reviews of electric-powered skateboards, hover boards, bicycles, and more, along with new guides and news, The Electric Rider reports

The Electric Rider, the Internet's leading authority on electric-powered personal transportation of all kinds, published a major new update for spring. With dozens of new reviews having hit the site in recent days and weeks, readers can learn how to feel like Tony Hawk on steroids with the best electric skateboards or go old school with added power atop electric-boosted bicycles. Since launching earlier this year, The Electric Rider has quickly become a top destination for those interested in everything from hover boards and Segway clones to electric-powered scooters, unicycles, and more, and the major new spring update makes it an even more valuable resource.

"We've enjoyed an incredible reception since launching The Electric Rider, and we're committed to keeping our enthusiastic audience on top of the latest developments and informed about the most promising new products," site representative Scott Brown said, "Toward that end, we've just put a our major spring update online, with many new reviews and guides now being available across the site. As always, our readers can also count on a steady stream of regular updates and new reviews going forward, as well."

When the iconic Segway personal transportation device launched in 2001, it immediately attracted attention for the innovative, self-balancing system that allowed it to keep riders safely upright atop its two, side-by-side wheels. Since then, that once advanced-seeming device has come, in many ways, to appear dated, as a number of the technologies that made it so striking have developed greatly over the intervening years and been incorporated into other products.

Today, those interested in individual-scale, electric-powered transportation have many more choices, ranging from even more futuristic options like the compact "hover board" devices that have recently become so popular to traditional vehicles like bicycles and scooters that are equipped with power-dense batteries and compact motors. With so many different vehicle types and so many models within each category, though, actually discovering the best option for a particular buyer can be hard to do.

The Electric Rider was founded at the start of this year to provide a comprehensive, reliable, one-stop destination for all who are interested in transportation of this kind. Covering the whole range of electric-powered personal transportation systems now on the market, the site has quickly developed into an authority in its niche by providing helpful, informative guides, reviews, and news updates.

With the site's newly published spring update including a wide range of new reviews and guides appearing all across the site, readers will have plenty of fresh content to look into. From new reviews of the top electric skateboards and bicycles to new guides and articles looking into the history of particular styles of electric transportation, The Electric Rider has even more to offer than before.

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Covering electric-powered personal transportation of all kinds, The Electric Rider supplies readers with a steadily updated stream of reviews, guides, and news updates, from the funniest to the most momentous.

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