The Educationist Offers Tutoring Programs For Maths and Sciences

The Educationist states that tutoring programs are vital in preparing students for exams and scholarships.

Predictions are being made for a tremendous growth in the Chemistry, Physics and Mathematical fields of employment over the next ten years, show statistics released by the Professional Development of Mathematics Association as well as increased advertising interest from related employers on employment websites which have increased 25% over this time last year. With this in mind, schools and tutoring companies such as The Educationist have seen an increase in their enrollment numbers as students strive to improve their grades to compete in these fields.

Says The Educationist spokesperson Nelson Leong, "It's imperative the elementary and secondary scholar be able to expand their knowledge of math and related science both in the manipulation of numbers as well as the concepts and their foundations. It enables the student's ability as they then go on to more ambiguous and vague relationships that form the basis of our everyday decision making. The complete study of science, additionally, only serves to solve problems further in our ever growing technical world. As a child experiences success early in their life in math and sciences, their self-esteem grows, encouraging them to try even more challenging tasks and more complex reasoning."

To that end, The Educationist is proud of its number one status as Singapore's premier tutoring company in Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Says Leong, "With our knowledge of the subjects, including a Masters Degree of Engineering, NTU, we possess the highest and most relevant qualifications in engineering subjects, such as mathematics, chemistry and physics. We are the most qualified tutoring firm in Singapore to impart study-smart techniques and exam-smart strategies helping students from F9s to A1s in all maths and sciences. When partnering with us, you know you're getting the most qualified teachers in the area."

College and University tuition is expensive for many households, but a college degree is what makes most of the high dollar careers possible. A quality tutoring company helps make college scholarships attainable says Leong. "Our useful comprehensive in-house study materials feature exam-oriented materials helping students gain the various scholarships they need to attend college. As a result, our students achieve F9s to A1s, year after year. The maths tuition or the physics tuition you pay to make the grade and gain the scholarships you need are minimal in comparison to what you gain in the long run."

About The Educationist:
Established in 2004, The Educationist is a tutoring company focused primarily on Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Since then, The Educationist has changed the lives of many students from almost every school in Singapore. The school is proud of the fact F9s to A1s are achieved in Pure Chemistry, Pure Physics, A.Maths, E.Maths, Combined Science (Chemistry and Physics), Lower Secondary Maths and Lower Secondary Science.

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