The $ecret $ociety, The Most Generous Of NFT Projects, Announces Land Purchase In The Metaverse

The $ecret $ociety is set to commence the building of a casino in the Metaverse Decentraland, and owners are invited to exclusive casino events and tournaments that are not open to the public.

The $ecret $ociety is out to make headway as the most generous of NFT projects where community members get the chance to become casino owners and purchase land in the Metaverse.

This is set to become one of the biggest projects in the Metaverse Decentraland, which will be open to everyone. AllT$$ XX NFT owners will share 90% of the casino profits, with proceeds sent directly to the wallets holding T$$ XX NFTs.

“The casino is a big part of the project, which is one of the things that make The $ecret $ociety the most generous of NFT projects out there. We have come a long way for this, and members can only expect the best from us,” a representative said.

The building of the casino in the Metaverse Decentraland will commence as soon as the minting event is completed. All owners will be invited to exclusive casino events and tournaments that are not open to the public.

Once The $ecret $ociety sells, all its T$$ XX owners will have access to private business development circles in different areas: NFT, Real Estate, Crypto, E-com, Sports Betting, and Watches. Each of these clubs will be led by recognized entrepreneurs and experienced speakers to provide maximum value for community members. In addition, Some holders will receive passive income forever.

The $ecret $ociety announced that rewards are valued at $ 3000000 + 858 out of 6666 will receive pensions for life (i.e., more than 1 in 8 chance). It further said that 13 NFTs will share 15% of the Royalties with a minimum of $5000/month. Meanwhile, 66 NFTs will share 13% of the Royalties with a minimum of $1000/month.

On the other hand, 113 NFTs will share 10% of the Royalties with a minimum of $500/month, while 666 NFTs will share 7% of the Royalties with no minimum.

The project is not yet public and many celebrities are already interested in it. Indeed, since the project is unveiled, more and more celebrities are joining what seems to be one of the biggest NFT projects of this end of year. Amber Rose, DC Young Fly, Neyo and a dozen other superstars are already behind this project.

Every three months, The $ecret $ociety also revealed that it would allocate a six-figure amount in two projects of its members. The $ecret $ociety members themselves will get the chance to choose the projects the organization will invest in (DAO). In addition, the members will also have the opportunity to invest.

The $ecret $ociety XX said it would not only feature art but also provide its owners with unmatched utility and benefits. Owners can expect to be invited to private events and parties that will be organized in the four corners of the world. These activities serve as a huge chance for members to meet the community, the founders of The $ecret $ociety, and their favorite celebrities.

Those who want to learn more about The $ecret $ociety may visit the website for more information. Those who want to stay updated with all the announcements and incoming activities, including the much-awaited minting event, may join the Discord Channel to get started.

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