The Easiest Way for Businesses to Advertise Themselves

In today’s world of advertising, businesses are switching to more effective means of advertising. Press release distribution sites and guest posting services gain businesses the popularity they need without the complications of modern advertising.

In the modern world of business, marketing and advertising is undoubtedly one of the most important factors contributing to business success. The fastest growing form of modern marketing is digital advertising. According to 2013 statistics, Google, the world’s most popular search engine by far, spent a majority of its $569 million dollar advertising budget on digital advertising. "We embrace digital marketing and it represents the majority of our media budget,” says a Google spokesperson on the company’s advertising campaign. Digital marketing, specifically online marketing, is growing into a hugely competitive industry.

There are many types of online marketing. Advertisements like pictures or short videos play in the sidebars of many websites. Advertisements are played before videos on websites such as YouTube. Advertisements are even seen when doing common everyday activities such as checking Facebook or looking at the weather forecast. However, with the use of services such as AdBlock Plus or uBlock, these intrusive advertisements are quickly becoming obsolete as potential consumer take measures to block these advertisements that can only be described as ‘annoying’ and ‘overbearing’. Instead of forcing advertisements down consumers’ throats, a different form of advertisement is gaining popularity. Through the use of guest posting services and press releaseses, companies are able to promote their service or product directly to consumers without being seen as a nuisance.

These advertising methods work by using a more popular media outlet to advertise for the company. Through the use of press release distribution websites and guest posting services, businesses can write a short blurb explaining what they are promoting and have it posted on a popular hub for increased exposure. On these websites, each posting reaches potential millions of interested consumers, media outlets, and even other businesses. Due to the websites’ popularity, postings that go through these websites gain increased traffic, Google search ranking, and exposure among news outlets. This garners the advertiser exponentially more traffic than other forms of advertising.

By posting high quality content through these press release distribution and guest posting services, the work of gaining exposure is relieved from the poster. These websites have near limitless media contacts which other companies lack, allowing them to easily advertise to a vast array of sources for a small fee. In place other advertisements, which are often costly or risky, a company can simply pay for these distribution websites to do the brunt of the labor. They have the connections, while the companies who post there merely provide the content. This facilitates an easy form of advertising, reaching thousands of media outlets and interested parties, without the upfront costs and complications of common advertising deals.

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