The E-Factor Diet by John Rowley Launches - Reveals Cheat Ways To Lose 12 to 23 Pounds

The goal of the E-Factor Diet is to help users change the way they eat to lose weight, not necessarily what they eat. The idea is that users can eat anything and lose weight with The E-Factor Diet.

The E-Factor Diet is a new course by fitness expert, John Rowley, that discusses a number of different guidelines for losing weight. Instead of recommending simple solutions like “eat better” and “exercise more”, it focuses on some core problems with weight loss programs. E-Factor Diet includes all of the following downloadable eBooks such as a Weight Loss Handbook that contains John Rowley’s unique and revolutionary E-Factor Principles, Grocery Guide that will certainly make the next shopping trip super easy, Meal-Planning Blueprint which basically sets out the meals for people and "Cheat Your Way Trim" in which they will discover the proper ways to ‘cheat’ on their diet, without completely jeopardizing the progress that they have already made in their weight loss journey.

The E-Factor Diet eBook is said to be scientifically proven to make lose about 12 to 23 pounds of weight in the given period of time. The E-Factor Diet review aims to show viewers that this product was particularly designed to be an amazingly quick method for burning between from 10 to 20+ pounds of body fat. The E-Factor Diet was created as real solution to all those mean stream diet plans on the market that are time-consuming and ineffective. The 95-page e-book is divided into several portions to help users make use of it easily, including diet, exercise, and motivation, will power and mindset.

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When it comes to diet portion, it contains 4 phases with radically various factors in each one. John Rowley indicates that during the first week on the diet, people will reduce about 7-10 pounds the step-by-step, users can know how to calculate their own BMR and how to use that number to the calories and nutrients they may need every day to guarantee they meet their own weight loss goals.

This product is perfect for every person who wants to lose weight and improve their overall health. It is designed for people of all ages or body type and works effectively for everyone. It includes intermittent fasting, reducing calories and decreasing carb intake and supplement consumption.

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With over thirty years of experience in the industry, John Rowley is considered to be one of the most respected health and fitness experts in the US for a good reason. John has made several television appearances in shows such as Dr. Steve, he has been a guest speaker in many important events, and he is also the creator of several best-selling fitness programs such as the “Old School New Body” system. In other words, the creator of The Efactor Diet is a true expert that can be fully trusted.

Just like any other diet program, The Efactor Diet has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is absolutely not a “quick weight loss fix” or something like that. This program requires dedication and real efforts, and if one's current style is unhealthy they should also understand that some modifications will be necessary.

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