The Dialogue: What Success Really Is - A New Book Reminds Us Not To Be Overly Result-oriented

Patric Chan has released his latest message about “What Success Really Is” on a new book, The Dialogue.

Patric Chan, the author of The Simple Success Principles series, The WakeUp Millionaire; co-authored Clicking Cash with New York Times best-selling author, Robert G. Allen, has released his latest message about “What Success Really Is” on a new book, The Dialogue.

The purpose of Patric Chan writing this foundational book, an important book for any entrepreneur and those who are busy working: Patric Chan wrote this book to advocate the awareness of living life. He wanted to teach people what was important.

The Dialogue: What Success Really Is puts forth the “dialogue” everyone has. Without giving anything away, a twist in the story makes that internal voice much more crystallized and real to the protagonist. Paying attention to this internal voice, which some people call the inner voice, sub-conscious mind, or intuition, is an important part of this story’s message.

Entrepreneurs, successful business owners, the rich and the mega rich and everyone on the path to capture ‘success’ will be forced to re-evaluate and re-examine their beliefs, aspirations, and work-life balance after reading this book.

About the story: Jack has a loving wife and a beautiful daughter. He’s an applications developer who has managed to develop his own apps on the side and was able to break away from his company. Jack starts a business after quitting his job, and his success grows and grows. However, the more he gets, the more he wants, and he starts to lose sight of what he was working for to begin with.

What readers will learn: Patric Chan draws a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience in digital entrepreneurship to tell a compelling and realistic story from the perspective of an overly driver computer programmer-turned-businessman. When riches consume him, he loses sight of the most important things in life.

Not only will readers be engaged by an interesting story, they will learn valuable lessons about marriage, life, and business. Readers will learn ‘the missing piece to success’, ‘the 5 rules of happiness’, and about the three pillars of ‘relationship, health and wisdom’.

Who needs to read this book: Any entrepreneur, those who are busy working, and business owner chasing ‘success’ can carelessly fall into the trap of losing sight of what success really is. Whether they’re struggling or soaring, an entrepreneur can become too driven or even downright obsessive, and start to lose what is really important. This is especially prescient in the Internet age, where the potential for success is virtually limitless. Anyone can get carried away and lose track of what’s really important in life. The book serves as a reminder to not forgo the very fundamental of what we already possess.

The Dialogue: “What Success Really Is” is available now at Amazon Kindle Store:

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