The Demand for Verlux Token Surges, after over 25% of allocated tokens were filled within 48 hours of Seed Sale opening.

$VLX Token Seed Sale is live now

The Cardano community has been buzzing as a new project like Verlux built under its wings is poised to be on the front foot of the NFT ecosystem at large. Verlux Marketplace has been garnering traction and momentum from crypto and NFT enthusiasts since its conception.

Verlux is a Cross-Chain NFT marketplace, built on the Cardano blockchain which allows users to mint and trade their NFTs as well as Swap NFTs from other blockchains to the Cardano blockchain to utilize the low transaction fees, security, and speed of the network.

Since the commencements of its Token Sale on 12th of November 2021, the widely adopted project has seen a surge in demand as Verlux has sold over 25% of its allocated tokens for seed sale to early adopters in less than 48 hours. Verlux is using the $VLX token as a means to raise funds required for the implementation of the project and support for its operations.

Seed Sale Benefits

$VLX will be the utility token powering the Verlux ecosystem, which is going to help the token surge after listing, helping the early adopters. In the Verlux marketplace, $VLX will have various uses cases as will be used to facilitate NFT transactions, staked to participate in NFT farming, and serve as a community governance system where users get to vote on developments that should be implemented on the platform.

How To Buy $VLX Token

$VLX token has a supply cap of 1 billion tokens, with a total allocation for the seed sale of 250 million tokens.

$VLX Token Seed Sale is live now, early birds and Initial investors who wish to acquire some $VLX tokens at the seed sale can do so by visiting the $VLX token sale page.

During the Seed sale, 250 million $VLX tokens will be in supply at the rate of 0.0018 ADA per token with a minimum purchase of 200 ADA and a maximum buy of 15,000 ADA.

A detailed guide on How To Join The Seed Sale for early adopters.

$VLX Seed Sale Details

Allocation: Seed Sale allocation is 25% (250,000,000)


1 VLX = 0.0018 ADA
1 ADA = 555 VLX

Minimum Buy: 200 ADA
Maximum Buy: 15,000

About Verlux

The NFT ecosystem is still in its early stages and seems to be growing day after day even with so much limitations.

Verlux NFT marketplace is on the mission to constantly innovate, offer solution and the development of the NFT ecosystem to explore its infinite possibilities, with several features they are working on which is set to be fully launched soon and others planned for future releases.

Verlux will be the first of its kind ever experienced. It is an innovative project for the nearest future and surely one to watch out for.

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Contact Info:
Name: Mathias Grunther
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Organization: Verlux
Address: Walsall, West Midlands, UK

Release ID: 89053148