The Dateline DX Association Announces the Callsign for its DXpedition to Baker Island in June 2018

The Association has announced the callsign KH7Z for identifying the location KH1/KH7Z.

Visiting a remote location like the Baker Island might turn out to be an expensive affair. Still, the Dateline DX Association has made the announcement of the callsign for the exclusive DXpedition to Baker Island this month. This is going to be the first-ever DXpedition to the Baker & Howland Islands since the year 2002. The DX Association team has a fixed budget of around $400,000. From it, around 50 percent of the cost is being underwritten by the DX Association’s team members. However, that still leaves them with a huge amount of fundraising to implement the DXpedition. Thus, the callsign KH1/KH7Z has been released for the ATNO.

The standard FWS ruling that was allowing this trip will prevent any further DXpedition to up to 10 years. As such, DX Association is looking forward to raising some significant amounts of funds. This can be done by donating to the website at

When the Association is able to raise ample funds, it can march out on its DXpedition to the secluded Baker Island. In its DXpedition plan, the KH1/KH7Z serves to be the 5th most wanted entity. The DXpedition plans by the DX Association are aimed at bringing the KH1/KH7Z entity to as many countries and operators as possible. The Association hopes that by adding such historical elements to the DXpedition adventure, they can make the trip more interesting and enjoyable to the end audience. In addition to this, the team also aims at increasing the overall awareness of the hobby amongst the general public.

Just like any other DXpedition, the trip to the Baker Island will also turn out to be an exceptional one. The operator team will be contributing majorly to the overall budget of the DXpedition to make it more worthwhile. In addition to the regular HM radio activity at Baker Island, the DX Association team aims at focusing on delivering the all-new equipment and operational gears for the upliftment of the island. Next to the task of the typically focused activity of HM radio broadcasting, the DX Association team will be aimed at connecting the specialized radio program with aid missions at the Baker Island –a small, remote island on an atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

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