The CryptoBear Watch Club: An NFT That’s More Than Just Hype.

Top-notch art, multi-benefit tokens, 3D avatars, Sandbox access; CryptoBear Watch Club’s numerous features make it the NFT to mint in 2022

The CryptoBear Watch Club is a breath of fresh air. The NFT covers all the traits of a future classic: fantastic art featuring design cues that borrow as much from the graffiti walls of New York as it does from Eastern “creature cool”; a following within the circle of global influencers that made it an instant hit in the whitelist stage; and perhaps most remarkably, a unique conceptual hook – each artwork features a unique variation of a luxury watch modelled to reflect the aspirations of the modern crypto player.

Multi-Benefit Tokens

The true lure of the CryptoBear Watch Club are the many post-purchase benefits, starting with the Arkouda token. Paid out on a monthly basis to CBWC loyalists, this token can be used to purchase real luxury watches and other merchandise directly from the CBWC website post launch. The NFTs are classified into three tiers with holders of super rare watches awarded 1,000 tokens every 30 days.

Watches worth USD 1 million as giveaways

Real luxury watches worth USD 1 million in total will be awarded to NFT owners at regular intervals. Upon launching, CBWC will hold a luxury watch raffle on Instagram (using a random number generator) each time 1,000 NFTs are minted. The participation pool expands sequentially, which means the first raffle is open only to the first 1,000 NFT owners, the second raffle is open to the first 2,000 owners, and so on until all 10,000 owners have participated. Thus increasing the likelihood of winning for the first CBWC owners.

Moreover, royalties generated from the secondary market sales of the NFTs will be used by CBWC to purchase luxury watches, which NFT owners can redeem directly on the CBWC website using Arkouda tokens.

A Unique Avatar for the Metaverse

Post minting, 3D artists will develop 10,000 3D model NFTs of the CBWC mints. A 6x6 plot has been purchased in Sandbox and owners of the original 2D collection will be airdropped the 3D-enabled avatars, which can be used across different Metaverse platforms. The avatars will also be activated in a play-to-earn, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to be launched in the future.

Counting down the launch

The CBWC Discord channel has raked in 50,000 members already, and the numbers continue to rise as the mint day draws close. The whitelist is currently open and spots are filling fast. CBWC goes live with the public sale on 22/02/2022 for 24 hours.

All signs point to The CryptoBear Watch Club being a monumental landmark in this early era of NFTs, setting the trend for future IPs to follow.

While the value of digital art is always subject to the opinions of fans, no one can argue that this NFT’s tangible benefits are as plentiful and REAL as the growing number of fans waiting to mint them on launch day.

With just a few days left to go, the clock – or rather, the luxury watches on the wrists of 10,000 CryptoBears – ticks on.

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