'The Conversation Peace' by Mershele Brown Opens Up Deeply Meaningful Conversations about The Word

'The Conversation Peace' is aimed at bringing people of diverse views and experiences together in unity with the Word of God.

Evangelist and television show host Mershele Brown has published a collection of her favorite quotes and scriptures. They have been arranged to inspire great conversation and thought.

Mershele says this exercise manual will allow people to put down their cell phones and get back to the table and have dialogues that will bring peace and reconciliation. While teaching Mershele learned that a lot of her students lacked social skills and did not know how to communicate effectively. This inspired her to produce this manual. She understands that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the testimony of others. Through some of her own testimonies, she aims to allow her readers to triumph over the enemy.

"This exercise works well in small groups, at the dinner table or at conventions to get you thinking and to share your thoughts," says Mershele.

'The Conversation Peace' is aimed at bringing people of diverse views and experiences together in unity with the Word. While everyone has his or her own interpretation of the Word. This will allow each participant to meet each other where they are. The process allows everyone to respect and listen to one another. Applying the word of God to our everyday lives helps us to live whole in Christ and in love.

Through the book, the readers will learn other people's points of views and one another's revelation of the Word. Mershele has worked the book with readers, and the following are a few of her reviews:

"Sat down with Mershele Brown and an amazing group of ladies the other day reading through the book. The quotes in the book allow you to open your mind and think deeply," says one recent reader.

"I had the great pleasure of actually working the book with Mershele last night! It was such a great conversation that it blessed my soul. Through conversation with a small group of friends, I learned some things about myself, it brought revelation through other people's testimony, and I am in a better place today," said a reader.

'The Conversation Peace' is currently available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Mershele Brown is currently on her book tour, out working the book while hosting 'The Antidote Show'. She partners with other non-profit organizations to bring recourse to all communities worldwide. She also volunteers her time to help with her family non-profit Swift Transitions Inc, and the African Children's Fund. Also on the cards is a Conference in Atlanta coming January. Mershele's desire is to inspire and set the captives free through her testimonies. For her it is a daily fight of faith, and loving God is a lifestyle.

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