"The Columbus Pearls" Attempts to Set New World Record

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An unprecedent unique and ancient pearl collection, “The Columbus Pearls” is set to break the record for the world's “Largest Collection of Pearls Discovered” in an event in Manhattan, NYC

June 14th, 2021 is looking to be another memorable day in history as a group of ambitious individuals make an attempt to set a new record for the largest pearl collection in the world. This incredible treasure is comprised of over 2300 natural saltwater pearls, and their age is estimated to be around 500 to 550 years old. Known as “The Columbus Pearls” the attempt will be filmed in Manhattan, NYC, with two well-respected gemologists present, counting and certifying the pearls during a process that is estimated to take about one to two hours.

The recent discovery of this incredible natural saltwater pearl treasure creates unprecedent excitement, due to age, rarity and historic provenance. The collection has been dated to be around 500 to 550 years old and possibly directly linked to the arrival of Christopher Columbus during his third voyage in 1498 on the American continent.

Expected to be the most important international pearl event since the 2011 “La Peregrina” pearl auction, this world record attempt will include the counting and verification of the pearls behind closed doors in front of live camera, which will be streamed via YouTube. The audience interested in this event is invited to visit the web page www.TheColumbusPearls.com.

“The discovery of the world’s largest horde of natural pearls ever discovered in the New World, is the most exciting event of my lifetime” says Antoinette Matlins. As a recognized expert on natural pearls, and the author of The Pearl Book (first published in 1996 and now in its 4th edition), she points out: “It is clear from the intense competition that resulted among the monarchs of England, Spain and Portugal, that the pearls of the New World were a driving force to conquer and control the Americas!” She also explains that: “At that time, pearls were considered the rarest and most valuable of all gems.” “I examined over 2,300 natural pearls of varying size, color, and quality, all of which were natural and many showing evidence of being very old and comparable in appearance to historical American pearls,” says Antoinette Matlins, professional gemologist-consultant.

Dr. Kenneth Scarratt, a notable British gemologist, pearl expert and authority on the royal British crown jewels expressed after performing a variety of tests: “These pearls are in extraordinary good condition for their age.”

In addition to this historic event, there are also plans to release a book surrounding the discovery and facts about these pearls. Titled “Secrets of the World's oldest pearl treasure - The Columbus Pearls”, the book will be officially released on October 12 2021.

For more information about the world record attempt and stay up to date with the event, visit - www.thecolumbuspearls.com.

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