The Clean Earth Project hosts Earth Day park clean-up in celebration of Fair Harbor and Untuckit collaboration

Employees worked together to remove hundreds of pounds of trash from a local park


Ferry Point Park, Bronx, New York (August 21, 2019) As the world continues to become more environmentally focused, many people are making it a priority to purchase sustainable products, find better ways to repurpose or recycle unwanted items, and adapt their behaviors with the well-being of the local and global environment in mind. In April 2019, Fair Harbor and Untuckit, both clothing manufacturers based in New York City, launched a new collaborative collection of swim trunks made from sustainable fabric. Each pair of trunks is made from 80% recycled polyester, which is 11 recycled water bottles.

In celebration of this partnership and to actively commemorate the 49th annual Earth Day, Fair Harbor and Untuckit commissioned The Clean Earth Project to organize and host a clean-up event for 32 of Fair Harbor and Untuckit’s combined employees at Ferry Point Park in the Bronx. The Clean Earth Project is an environmentally focused company dedicated to connecting community members and local businesses in a mission to beautify their neighborhoods and support the global environment.

“What better way to celebrate a successful business collaboration than by doing a clean-up” said Ashley Lionetti, co-president of The Clean Earth Project. “This is a true example of what TCEP is all about. There are a ton of logistical components to organizing a clean-up event. We’re glad to take that on because we know that connecting businesses with their communities and helping them see the importance of their local impact is a stepping stone to a healthier planet.”

In just one hour, employees successfully retrieved 873.8 pounds of trash that would otherwise have wreaked havoc on the environment and negatively impacted both humans and wildlife. Despite the rainy, windy conditions on the day of the clean-up, by providing each employee with Garbo Grabber Trash Baggers and Reachers, The Clean Earth Project helped make it a more pleasant and productive day for all involved.

“Even though the weather didn’t necessarily cooperate, the clean-up bags remained secure and stable, and the mouth of the bags stayed open and easily accessible at all times,” said Chris Fitzpatrick, co-president of The Clean Earth Project. "Picking up trash on a day like this could have been a real chore, but by using Garbo Grabber’s Trash Bagger, employees could focus on team building and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience and we can’t forget that the health and vitality of this park was restored thanks to the volunteers who came out.”

The Clean Earth Project is proud to support corporations in their efforts to become more socially and environmentally aware. “As more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, brands are understanding the importance of mirroring that sentiment and the behaviors that go along with it" said Lionetti. “We’re excited to share with these brands and organizations the research and statistics of the human impact on the environment, and then work with them to modify
behaviors and organize events like this one with Fair Harbor and Untuckit. Saving our Earth really is a team effort.”

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