The Christopher Nohl Scholarship for Diverse Backgrounds Still Accepting Applications

Milwaukee Wisconsin Entrepreneur And Venture Capitalist Christopher Nohl Has Scholarship Available For Students Who Are First In Their Families to Attend College.

The keystone of Society’s development is innovation. Innovation occurs as the product of human interaction, conflict, argument and debate. These innovation fertilizing interactions depend upon diversity in the experience, backgrounds, perspectives, thoughts and beliefs of the secular colloquy. Standardization in testing and in secondary school admission processes tends to homogenize the “acceptable” applicant pool with the result being a conforming entering class. This consequence of standardization runs counter the mission of producing an enriched Society capable of the best innovations.

While hardship and challenge are often the backbone of character, and make for a rich and varied experiential tapestry, those same hardships often de-select the bearers from access to opportunity. In this manner some of the most fortified and varied personalities and minds are kept out of the advanced education sphere where their unique, individual perspectives are both needed and beneficial to the whole. Where hardship and circumstances alone deprive someone of access and participation there is a price paid by everyone. It is with an understanding and respect of the value of the individual, especially those individuals who have been challenged by extraordinary circumstances, that Christopher Nohl created his scholarship program to boost participation where standardization fails.

The Christopher Nohl Scholarship for Diverse Backgrounds aims to assist students who are currently enrolled in a university or high school students who plan on enrolling into one. His scholarship aims to also create awareness for the struggles faced by students who are the first of their families to attend university. Through his scholarship, Christopher aims to shed light on families who are unfortunate enough to be placed under the previously mentioned circumstances. He hopes that his program can generate resources to help students who are in need. The scholarship is open to any student who is or will be attending university with a focus on those who are the first in their families to attend one. The scholarship will award $1,000 to go towards the student’s education and tuition fees. The scholarship fund will be awarded to a deserving student who is the winner of our essay contest. To find all the details about the scholarship and how to apply, just visit the official Christopher Nohl Scholarship application page.

The man behind this wonderful scholarship, Christopher Nohl, is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, debt originator, portfolio manager, Federal Court expert in early-stage, disruptive technology company valuation, and expert in fine minerals and gemstones. Christopher served as a Research Fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin in its Cardio-vascular Research Center where he assisted with quantitative PCR, mathematical modeling, and innovative pharmacological research. Christopher attended Said Business School where he completed post-graduate training in distributed ledger technology. Christopher has spent two decades providing financing for startups that have the biggest potential for growth and social impact as well as for large insurance companies and health care systems. Additionally, he continues to co-curate one of the most important private fine mineral and gemstone collections in the world.

Through his time and experience with studying and attending college for cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and molecular biology, Christopher realized the important role broad participation plays in laying the foundation for our best shared future experience. He recognized that life’s hardships sometimes deprive the most deserving of access to opportunity and has created several programs such as this scholarship to assist in making up for what he sees as an unnecessary penalty paid by everyone in society for a deficit in understanding, charity, and compassion. Launching his scholarship program, the Christopher Nohl Scholarship for Diverse Backgrounds, is just one of the steps he is making to foster wide and diverse participation. Applications are still being accepted, so students can apply here.

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