The Christian Woman Celebrates Over Ten Years Providing Christian Content For Women

The Christian Woman has helped women find faith, values and insight from the teachings of Jesus for over ten years, and is sharing a retrospective of their best loved content in that time.

Being a woman in the 21st century is exciting, but challenging, and navigating the shifting landscape of work, family, respect and independence is difficult without a guide. The Christian Woman ( is a website that helps women of the Christian faith or just seeking advice and solace to find it through Jesus’ teachings. To celebrate their longstanding advice and guidance, the website has now created a Featured Article section which will look back and select some of their best work from the last ten years to introduce it to newer audiences.

The new section will see the editors pick their favorite classic articles and share them anew on the website’s homepage and on The Christian Woman on Facebook, so together with the new content added daily, and proverbs and other resources permanently available, readers will get a refreshing reminder of some of their most important articles.
These include things like Learning How To Be Frugal, an article all about the Christian teachings and principles found in the Bible about responsibly handling money. The common sense approach reveals several fundamentals about managing household budgets successfully. This is just the first of the many featured articles that will take their place on the homepage in the coming months.

A spokesperson for The Christian Woman explained, “With ten years of content for Christian Women, we would never expect a new reader to spend weeks trawling through what we have been producing on their behalf for a decade. As a result, we are helping people combine the regular brand new content we post with a best of collection. This will help people find what they are looking for, as well as taking them by surprise, to give them a richer experience of using the website. We are proud to have been in business for over a decade, and we want readers new and old to help us celebrate that by sharing our top performing articles.”

About The Christian Woman: The Christian Woman was established in 2005 as a place for Christian women to share their praises and struggles. The content has changed over the years but the site still maintains many great articles on family, faith and finances. The website is regularly updated by a committed and passionate team of Christian women.

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