The CEO Institute Launches New Installment of Highly Successful Future CEO™ Program

New version of industry-leading executive development course will supply scholarships to Australia's top female business leaders and new perspectives on high level leadership, the CEO Institute report

The CEO Institute, a leading executive coaching and networking service, announced the details of the newest incarnation of the company's Future CEO™ Program. Making use of lessons gleaned from earlier classes, the newest revision of the program will help to facilitate even more fruitful peer-group knowledge sharing and skill boosting. The CEO Institute's Future CEO™ Program is one of the world's only executive development opportunities that can result in a widely recognized certification and has been a great success for the company and executives who have participated in it since its inauguration.

"Just as top executives can never afford to stop learning and growing," CEO Institute representative Tim Matterson said, "we here at the CEO Institute insist upon always pushing ourselves harder. That drive has resulted in a revised version of our Future CEO™ Program that is going to be even more effective at producing the top business leaders of tomorrow." Founded in 1992, the CEO Institute has become one of most eminent sources of business education and networking opportunities for executives from around the world. The company's pioneering CEO Syndicate® Program for the first time allowed high-achieving executives from a variety of industries to meet and grow in productive executive coaching groups led by experienced facilitators.

The insights gathered in that collaborative, dynamic environment led to the unveiling of the CEO Institute's Future CEO™ Program, an industry-first offering that utilizes a similar structure to qualify and develop the leadership skills of top management candidates. Those who successfully complete the course and have the required high-level management experience receive provisional designation as Certified CEOs, an endorsement that is rapidly becoming a sought-after qualification among candidates for the highest positions in the business world. Graduates of the program who go on to even greater success then become fully certified, a recognition that can help to make their future job applications even more compelling and attractive.

In addition to working hard to ensure that the company's Future CEO™ Program meshes well with the busy lives of the executives whom it is aimed at, the CEO Institute also strives to foster accessibility and diversity in other ways. A key feature of the new iteration of the Future CEO™ Program, for example, is the just-announced $125,000 Future CEO™ Scholarship fund, an award that in 2015 will provide three years' worth of tuition to the program for each of five of Australia's most prominent and successful female business leaders. Details about the scholarship and the new version of the CEO Institute's Future CEO™ Program can be found at the company's website.

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