The CEO Institute Announces Plans for 2015 CEO Institute Summit in Australia

With gatherings held in every major capital city in Australia, 2015 CEO Institute Summit will bring together many of the world's top business leaders for learning and networking, CEO Institute reports

The CEO Institute, a top leadership development and networking service, announced plans for the 2015 installment of the company's highly anticipated CEO Institute Summit. Every year, the CEO Institute Summit brings together hundreds of Australia's top business leaders in all of the country's major capital cities for keynote addresses, discussion panels, and networking. Openings for sponsoring the 2015 CEO Institute Summit, which will be held in January, are now available, and further information about attending will be forthcoming.

"One of the most exciting moments for us every year here at the CEO Institute is the convening of our annual CEO Institute Summit," CEO Institute representative Kristine Chompff said, "and 2015's event is going to be bigger and more important than ever. Many of Australia's top business leaders and innovators are going to be in attendance, ensuring that everyone who shows up will come away with a lot of valuable lessons." Founded in 1992 as a peer-focused networking and leadership skill development service directed at Chief Executives, the CEO Institute has become one of the most prominent and highly regarded such organizations in the world.

Today, the CEO Institute's popular CEO Syndicate® program allows executives and business leaders to benefit from their peers' experiences and skills in confidential settings overseen by skilled, professional moderators. This approach to refining and augmenting the skill sets of these highly placed business professionals has proven to be among the most productive and effective of all, a fact evidenced by the steady growth of the CEO Syndicate® program and of the CEO Institute itself.

In addition to the industry-leading CEO Syndicate® program, the CEO Institute also offers a variety of highly effective management training courses. These offerings can help CEOs bridge the gaps between rank-and-file employees and future leaders in their own organizations, by laying down a smooth path for the professional development of younger workers and managers who will someday be called upon to take on the greatest responsibilities themselves. The CEO Institute's courses of this kind cover practical, important issues like the effective management of especially difficult employees and the productive conduct of performance reviews.

The upcoming 2015 CEO Institute Summit will allow the Institute's many members to touch base with one another and develop their relationships further, while also learning and hearing from some of the business world's most prominent leaders. In addition to hosting the high-profile annual Summit, another important part of the CEO Institute's mission is the scheduling of regular CEO Membership Experience Breakfasts and Luncheons throughout the year. These events help prospective members discover the benefits of CEO Institute membership by giving them a taste of the kind of peer-based learning and networking opportunities they can expect.

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The first global certification authority for Chief Executives, the CEO Institute offers highly productive peer networking and learning sessions, industry-leading management training classes, and a number of other opportunities for high-powered business leaders to further improve their skills.

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