The Cabinet Sleuth Publishes Recommendation of RTA Cabinets For Kitchen and Bathrooms

The Cabinet Sleuth is a website dedicated to critiquing the use of cabinets in the home and has recommended a range of ready to assemble cabinets to those considering remodeling.

Cabinets are an essential feature of kitchens and bathrooms and provide much needed storage space for home ware that would otherwise be stacked messily on worktops. Cabinets are however much more than a simple box with a door, and have evolved over time to include a great many additional features and sleek designs. Equally, differing suppliers vary greatly in quality. To help people navigate this minefield, the The Cabinet Sleuth helps people assess their cabinetry needs and address them in optimal ways. The Cabinet Sleuth has recently published a recommendation for RTA Cabinets for home remodeling.

The Cabinet Sleuth, active on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest as well as on their website, recommends RTA Cabinets owing to their flexibility in creating bespoke looks for rooms and fitting seamlessly with the many other factors that affect a remodel, from worktops and floors to walls and white goods like baths and washing machines.

The site has published numerous editorials on remodeling and cabinetry choices, which serve both as instructional pieces and inspirations to home owners and redevelopers who are refurbishing spaces. The site has already given advice on finding online cabinet suppliers, but has now endorsed RTA owing to their superior quality and customer service.

A spokesperson for The Cabinet Sleuth explained, “RTA cabinets won the “Best in Remodeling” award from in 2013, an award that was judged on the basis of customer satisfaction, and in that category RTA are peerless. It is fair to say however that outstanding customer service will not make a great cabinet, but our resident expert has reviewed RTA and found their products to be as good as their reputation, making them the hands down favorite for remodels. Visiting our site, users will find a host of resources on choosing the right cabinets from RTA to transform their spaces and make them stylish, contemporary and most of all, high quality.”

About The Cabinet Sleuth:
The Cabinet Sleuth is a niche interior design website specializing in getting the best from cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. The website allows interior design expert and site moderator Christian to specialize in a smaller area of kitchen design that users have found to be helpful when looking to remodel their homes.

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