The Business Coach Taking the Personal Training World by Storm - Brian Mark

Brian Mark - A business development coach to personal trainers, helping people establish their fitness training business during Covid19.

Finding a perfect exercise routine to fit with one’s body is an art that few can master. People search high and low for fitness tutorials that cater to their body, and will help them get in shape. The best trainers are those with high enthusiasm that make a workout personal. For fitness gurus, this is the ideal job-- but how does one become a trainer? It’s almost as if fitness trainers need their own business trainers. Well, they’re in luck! Introducing Brian Mark-- the online business coach for personal trainers.

Brian Mark is one of Yahoo’s “Top 10 Business Coaches Helping People Thrive During Covid-19 Recession.” He helps fitness trainers create their own businesses using a tool everyone has access to -- social media. Mark has shared a lot of his knowledge and tips on his Instagram, Facebook, and now on his podcast, “Change Lives, Make Money.” This podcast is now listed as the #1 podcast for online fitness trainers.

His mentoring business began in 2018, with his high caliber credentials making him the perfect man for the job. Since then, he’s mentored over 400 trainers, and helped them take their fitness careers online, and to the next level. These trainers are able to manage their businesses from the comfort of their homes, and make a profit. Of those 400, about 30 have been able to make at least 10k every single month without ads. One of Mark’s most rewarding proteges is Chad Morgan. Chad Morgan was able to make 38.5k in the month of April, and that was during a pandemic. Imagine what he could achieve during times of prosperity.

What sets Marks apart from other business coaches is his experience in the fitness trainer world; he’s lived the same life as all of his clients. From 2013 to 2015, Mark built his own online fitness coaching business that was incredibly successful. He was able to make 10k a month with this business, and built out a team of over 10 trainers to help him continue to run it. It is his success with his fitness training that inspired him to be a business coach.

Those who are a part of Mark’s programs and ecosystem are always amazed at the quality of service they experience. His enthusiasm and straight-forward attitude help clients learn easily, and with a positive attitude. Mark’s service quality, delivery, and touch-points for clients are a clear 10 out of 10. “Clients love that they actually get to talk to me personally instead of a fellow coach. They also love that when working with me, all of their business, leads, and profits come organically, with not a cent on paid ads” stated Mark.

Overall, Mark runs a business that is easy to follow and great for personal trainers of all levels and most importantly, delivers results. For anyone looking to start an online coaching business can learn a wealth of knowledge from Mark. His experience in the industry and his background in the subject yields real results, and he always addresses his work with a positive attitude that keeps clients engaged and committed.

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