The Bull Herd, a new NFT collection, brings a unique concept to the metaverse

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With its unique breeding mechanism, “The Bull Herd” NFT collection will launch this Saturday on the Solana Network.

The Bull Herd NFT collection holds 15,000 bovines equally divided as male and female. Owning a male bull allows the owner to participates in royalties obtained through secondary market sales. Similarly, owning a female bull enables owners to utilize the unique breeding system to create their calf collection. Holders can only maintain the calf collection with a complete set of male and female bulls.
This breeding mechanism makes owning both genders very rewarding. The NFT collection will be going live on September 25, 6 pm EST. After minting the bulls at 3 SOL per bull, this collection might just get listed on secondary NFT marketplaces. Along with the breeding Mechanism, A merch shop will be launched where NFT holders can buy apparel for their bulls.
After completing airdrops, giveaways & contests to grow their community and reward the calf holders, this NFT collection will be focusing on launching its trading platform on the Solana network. By creating an old-school trading network, users on the Solana network could swap NFT by connecting their wallets to the trading platform.
To further reward the calf holders, a percentage of all swap fees will be divided among them. With an accurately defined roadmap, The Bull Herd might just be the first NFT collection backed by an actual use case. This is the perfect opportunity for NFT collectors to mint a bull before the NFTs are sold out. To acquire a bull or access more information on this NFT collection, visit

About “Solana Network”
With over 350 validators around the globe, Solana brings a secure and scalable network to the crypto market. This network offers 50,000 transactions per second with transactions costs as low as 10 dollars per million transactions. As it continues to grow, Solana brings unique proof of history innovation to its network.
These stats make Solana a more attractive alternative when compared with other major networks like Ethereum that costs an average of 2 dollars per transaction. For more information on this network, visit

Contact Info:
Name: The Bull Herd
Email: Send Email
Organization: Solana Network

Release ID: 89040283

Name: The Bull Herd
Email: Send Email
Organization: Solana Network