The Boot Bomb Helps People Overcome Plantar Fasciitis With Their New Consumer Guides has published several new guides that help people find the best shoes for combating plantar fasciitis, helping to get afflicted people moving again in comfort.

Feet take a lot of punishment, and the simple truth is that people neglect their feet until something goes wrong. One of the most common and painful foot ailments in plantar fasciitis, in which the tendons in the soles of the feet become inflamed as a result of impact and stress. The condition is painful, and can prevent people from walking. The Boot Bomb is a website dedicated to helping people find the best walking shoes and boots, and they have published a new editorial on Plantar Fasciitis Shoes to help people find the best support for managing this condition.

It is essential for sufferers to have supportive footwear which minimizes the ongoing stress to the feet. The new guide compares and reviews a number of shoes targeted at managing plantar fasciitis. The reviews evaluate the shoes both on their own merits and on their comparative value and quality within the broader market, helping people make informed purchasing decisions.

The website also identifies people who are at risk of plantar fasciitis (click here to find who is at risk) to help them avoid the worst of the condition by taking action early. They have already seen considerable success with their guide on the best shoes for overweight women, who are particularly vulnerable to plantar fasciitis.

A spokesperson for The Boot Bomb explained, “The site started out being built around finding the best hiking boots, but has long since branched out to include other kinds of footwear. This includes safety footwear, fitness footwear, and even footwear for managing painful conditions like plantar fasciitis. The new editorials are designed to help people find the very best solutions no matter what their needs, and we look forward to helping more people than ever find comfort for their feet.”

About The Boot Bomb: The Boot Bomb is run by Brian Bradshaw. Brian is a hiking aficionado, who has suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past. He understands the importance of good boots and shoes like no other. On the Boot Bomb, Brian writes about everything that has to do with footwear. He also reviews a lot of boots and shoes and compares them to each other. He makes recommendations to other people based on his own experience with and research into all kinds of footwear.

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