The Best Selenium Java Course Just Got A Lot Better

Top-rated Selenium Java Course becomes even more accessible for students around the world thanks to a new Black Friday offer.

The Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Course is one of the best around. It provides students of all abilities with a chance to learn the ins and outs of Java and Selenium. Both of these platforms are essential for developing a career in the IT industry. The course itself is entirely taught online, making it wildly accessible for students and IT enthusiasts around the world.

Nikolay Advolodkin, the founder of this course, has recently announced some big plans to make the course even more accessible. Prospective students can enter their email before November 27th, 2020 to receive 50% off the entire course. Promo codes will be sent via email on Black Friday, enabling many people to secure this highly coveted course for a fraction of the original price.

A Complete Java and Selenium Bootcamp
The course will cover sixteen different modules on Java with Selenium. Each one will offer extensive lessons and training on specific topics. The aim is to gradually build up a student's knowledge of these two automation technologies. Despite the fact that this is a complex field, the course has been designed to be beginner-friendly. It caters to all experience levels, meaning anyone has a chance of gaining this knowledge.

Students will access all of the study materials online, moving through the course at their own pace. Like a lot of distance/online learning platforms, this one offers some community benefits. There's an exclusive Facebook community for all students to join and post questions or bounce ideas off one another. Ultimately, it offers a complete boot camp that provides pupils with all the skills required to make it as an automation engineer.

The course content will be regularly updated over time as well. Students have lifetime access to all of the learning materials, meaning they can keep going back and seeing any new modules or lessons. The persistent updates ensure that the course stays relevant and keeps providing the latest information.

Why Selenium and Java?
Both Selenium WebDriver and Java are essential for software automation engineers. These technologies are seen throughout the IT world, forming vital frameworks all over the place. The course aims to increase a student's understanding of these two critical elements of software automation. In turn, this should set pupils up for successful careers in the industry. If someone knows how to handle Selenium with Java, they tend to be able to sculpt a profitable career for themselves.

About Nikolay Advolodkin
Nikolay is a seasoned IT professional, test automation expert, and quality assurance innovator. He has established a reputation as one of the leading strategists in the IT world. According to, he is one of the top Selenium WebDriver Instructors in the world, with over 50,000 students learning the basics of test automation. Nikolay proudly established UltimateQA, home to various test automation courses and solutions. When he isn't teaching, he frequently attends various IT conferences around the world.

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