The Best Gaming Accessories by PXN Electronic Technology

These accessories deliver a more fast-paced, immersive experience whether gamers are playing solo or streaming online.

PC Gaming is one of the most relaxing and fun ways to de-stress and having the right accessories to go with it makes the experience more enjoyable. Shenzhen PXN Electronic Technology also known as PXN is a Chinese electronics company that specialises in manufacturing hardware gaming equipment, including gaming headsets, arcade joysticks, controllers, and steering wheels. 

Their accessories are well known to be enjoyed by all types of gamers. For instance, the steering wheel with force feedback produced by PXN is a must-have for racing gamers as it supports PC, PS4, Xbox, and more. 

It uses a force feedback technology where users are able to interact through visual and auditory channels to obtain information, but also through tactile channels to feel the “sense of touch” that stimulates force interaction in the real world. 

After 15 years of development, PXN has acquired multiple software and hardware technologies, as well as more than 20 domestic and foreign patents and software copyrights. These products span across PC, game console and mobile terminals, and meet the ever-evolving needs of players.

Alongside this, the PXN cloud service platform is a vital link that connects products with players and facilitates seamless customer support and service.

Professional production capacity and a strong supply chain are the cornerstones of how PXN do business. From ID design, mold building, injection molding and SMT assembly to PXN’s complete industrial chain - every process PXN engage in strictly meets all applicable international manufacturing standards. This level of accountability not only guarantees the quality and production capacity of PXN, but has lead to PXN’s supplying R&D, as well as manufacturing services, to numerous well-known domestic and foreign brands.

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About PXN

Founded by Chen Zhaoyu in February 2004, PXN is a world leader in designing and manufacturing professional game peripherals, including steering wheels, game controllers, arcade sticks, flight joysticks, gaming keyboards, handsets and more. Its research and development centre and marketing section are in Shenzhen, and the production department is based in Dongguan. PXN was initiated by producing steering wheels and then started manufacturing other products known as the eighth generation of video game consoles.

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