The Baltic Cotton Road Provide Novel Opportunity For Chinese Investors To Tour Europe

Buying properties in Latvia with The Baltic Cotton Road can help Chinese investors get a five year residence permit for Visa-free European travel, with low prices in Latvia.

The European Union has been slowly expanding since its inception, and most significantly has inducted a number of new applicants from the Baltic states of the former Soviet Union. These countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are all new additions, small but developing nations with excellent prospects that Chinese investors should be looking to take advantage of. Already, Baltic Cotton Road is encouraging Chinese business leaders to invest in Latvia as the benefits are more than might be expected.

Latvia is a rapidly developing country with world leading research in science, technology and computing. However, its prices are still rock bottom compared to anywhere else in Europe, making it a highly cost effective investment when it comes to property. Such a purchase has key advantages for Chinese investors, not least the five year residency permit that allows for visa free travel across the entirety of the EU.

Chinese businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs have often found trouble in securing visas for the individual nations of the EU, especially when applying for multiple entry and long term visas needed in order to conduct good business. Now they can eliminate all that with a single smart investment, the value of which is likely to rise significantly.

A spokesperson for Baltic Cotton Road explained, “Due to China’s diplomatic relationships with the rest of the world it can often be difficult for business leaders and the entrepreneurial to secure hassle free access to other countries and continents, and one of the markets Chinese business is most keenly targeting is Europe. By buying a home in Latvia, the Chinese owners will then be entitled to a five year residence permit that allows them the European right to passage throughout the EU. It’s a cost effective move for Chinese investors and a great boon to the Latvian market. Everybody wins.”

About Baltic Cotton Road Asia:
BC Asia One of Baltic Cotton Road’s main activities is the attraction of foreign investors who are interested in buying real estate in Latvia in exchange for a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Latvia as a European Union member country for a period of 5 years. This is attractive to Chinese business leaders who wish to skip a lot of paperwork and fees on regular travel.

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