The Baha Illuminated Wooden Space Jigsaw Puzzle Makes an Interior Design Statement on Any Wall

Live on Kickstarter, the Baha Wooden Space Jigsaw Wall Puzzle Glows at Night.

The Baha Wooden Space Jigsaw Puzzle, the all-new glow in the dark puzzle that also doubles as an interior design art piece which can be mounted to the wall, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Puzzles are currently undergoing a second renaissance worldwide as people stay in and turn their focus to at-home entertainment. The Baha Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles take builders on an adventure through the galaxy which are designed after the unexplored expanses of space.

"Like many other children in the childhood, we were dreaming of exploring the space and had different scenarios how to do it. As we got older, we have realized that it is almost possible and the dream is achievable,” says Binam CEO Andrei Sobal on the inspiration behind the project. “We were inspired by Elon Musk’s progress in Space Exploration, which gives us the belief that the flight to Mars is already very close. That is why we have created a product where we are professionals. It is a wooden space wall puzzle with pictures for adults and kids.”

Jigsaw Wall Space Picture is a marvelous experience for kids from ages 6 to 60, providing an engaging and leisurely experience for kids and adults. Baha puzzles help to relieve stress, get the brain pumping, improve motor skills and act as a good exercise for the eyes. Topping off the creative experience, the Jigsaw Wall Space Picture also include a set of uniquely designed space-themed wood figures which can be colored and later played with.

Also available is a specially designed sticker to be applied to the back of the completed puzzle which then allows it to be mounted to the wall. Enthusiasts can then show off their complete space work while adding a touch of space travel to their homes and offices. There is also a glow-in-the dark edition which makes for a magical viewing experience when the lights go out.

Jigsaw Wall Space Picture is available in a 54-piece animated playful edition for younger kids, while the adult variant displays a more realistic theme and features 300-pieces. Each version is available in 3 different sizes - small (16.54” x 11.69”), medium (23.39” x 16.54”) and large (33.11” x 23.39”). If the campaign hits stretch goals, additional perks will unlock including a new 2XL size, a new space puzzle design, an ultra-gen puzzle design and an aroma puzzle.

“Our puzzle helps adults and kids to develop themselves from different sides. It helps to improve vision, concentration and attentiveness. People become more relaxed and collected with the daily use of our puzzle. Moreover, our puzzle cheers up and illuminated at night by creating a special charm atmosphere,” adds Marketing Director Mikhail Prakapovich. “You can also use it like an educational astronomy game for kids. Collect our puzzle and hang it on the wall with an ease. It fits to any interior. It will delight you and your beloved ones. Just lying on your bed - You can watch the puzzle day and night and dream of traveling across the galaxy.”

The Baha Jigsaw Space Puzzle is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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Binam – is a company if enthusiasts who are keen on creating interesting Baha products on the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms so to involve people in the process and do not leave anyone indifferent. Our goal is to stay in the hearts of our clients and to be associated with the best moments of their life. Conquest of Elbrus together with Baha shovel and best ideas while lying under the space Baha puzzle – That is What Really Inspires Us!


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